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May 17, 2016 4:10 pm I also thought Ron was over the top during the BvS review, and very much agree with Jd's first few sentences of paragraph 2 above. I also think Josh's comments about this topic gently saying he might not have gone about the same way were spot on. It was neither Ron's nor IFanboy's best moment and was noticeable because all three of you have repeated numerous times in the past that "That sucked" is not the sort of constructive reviewing you do. I'm giving Ron a mulligan, and I'm guessing Ron might have heard from Conor or Josh post recording, and maybe even Ron himself has second thoughts. I didn't like BvS either fwiw. Also, regarding CA: Civil War, I think the 5 points Mike D. brought up were somewhat addressed during the CA: Civil War podcast? No one gave the movie an A+, it was all A-'s as I remember, and I think the slow start, weak villain were some of the main reasons why it wasn't A+ for the reviewers.
March 8, 2016 2:01 pm The B-52s would have made great Batman 66 villains.
February 4, 2016 6:35 pm Just want to echo the `Boys regarding Twilight Children. I got issue #4 and sat down with #1-3 and then read #4 after re-reading the whole mini-series (a great way to enjoy the end of a mini if you have the time). I'm so bummed with Gilbert Hernandez. Because these books are absolutely gorgeous to look at. And Hernandez did make really interesting characters who interact with each other in interesting ways. I cared about them. But the whole story made no sense at the end (e.g. what happened to Tito's husband?) and even during. What's worse, the whole sci-fi element seemed so entirely unnecessary. I wish they had made this just a mystery/love story book. Because all the sex/flirting/mystery was really interesting. I hated taking all that beautiful art by Darwin Cooke and gorgeous Stewart colors and throwing them in the recycle bin in the garage, but it was pretty clear I'd never want to read the series again, the plot was such a major detraction. Wishing Cooke had teamed with someone else...he only has so much time and to see it wasted like this...
February 1, 2016 11:47 pm They've discussed pretty much every issue of Aaron's Doctor Strange...check out earlier podcasts where that book is listed in review list. Me, I'm not a big fan of the book and have preferred other incarnation of the character like Remenders Doctor Voodoo or the Doctor Strange depicted by Hickman in Illuminati / secret wars. Don't need magical Tony Stark.
February 1, 2016 11:40 pm Ha ha great link.
January 13, 2016 5:01 pm 2 thoughts: 1) I'm amazed the majority of floppy books are worth anything. Who buys them? Between trades, hardcovers, and digital, I don't understand who actually goes and buys anything published since the 80s. Would love to hear anyone with an answer to this one... 2) Conor, what about floppys of one-shots or limited series you liked but you're sure will never be reprinted? Did you keep a small pile of those? For me, for example, "Laser Eraser/AxelPressbutton", "2001 Nights", "Timespirits" are in that pile of books at the end of my bookshelf that I always end up keeping because I like to re-read and they are literally irreplaceable. Meanwhile, the stuff you kept, like Avengers or Batman runs, I figure are better in trades or digital?
December 14, 2015 3:36 pm Just want to second what koryrosh says as well. Your podcast is excellent in no small part because the show has structure and you all are disciplined enough to not let it get sidetracked. And while you (and we!) enjoy the humor about yourselves, you never seem to confuse yourselves with the content. I always figure Conor somehow wields the stick on keeping everyone in line, but am sure it probably a 3-way agreement since you 3-media-communications-savvy guys undoubtedly insist on creating a pro podcast you yourselves would want to listen to... I contrast that with a soccer podcast I try to listen to where they spend way too much acting like all the in-jokes / etc are super interesting when I really want to hear about my team and its players. Like Koryrosh, I get really frustrated listening to it...I want to send them a email saying, "you guys should listen to IFanboy..."
November 25, 2015 2:07 pm Almost forgot...VADER DOWN!
November 25, 2015 1:56 pm I want to second this. I remember when it was DC, Marvel, or nothing. Eclipse, Dark Horse, and maybe Comico were the only even mildly viable publishers and they were pretty much a joke. I think it is HUGE that we are seeing all of these non-Universe books. I'd wager that a number of publishers now do better than the best of the troica of Eclipse, Dark Horse, and Comico from the old days. And I agree with the final paragraph above that creators are only beginning to test the waters of this new freedom. I'm hoping there is a about to be a new wave of young creators that go straight to Image, although Ron a few weeks ago seemed to think that business-wise Image is getting more not less difficult for first time creators to work with. Anyway, I cannot remember a time when so many quality books with such a wide variety of themes were ever appearing in the comic shops. Or when a third publisher shared equal shelf space with the Big 2 (and even dominates them in the Trade Paperback section).
August 31, 2015 10:01 am Happy 500th. You guys are great. Picked up We Can Never Go Home #1 and only thought it was ok, will re-read and maybe pick up another issue or two...definitely like supporting up and coming creators. Really really really loved Where Monsters Dwell #4. SO GOOD! Also am enjoying Old Man Logan #4. While I expect the Secret Wars to devolve into classic Hickman WTF at the end, I think if the result is some of these stories/characters make their way into the MU, along with the exciting slate of books I saw recently (DR STRANGE BY JASON AARON?!) this has been a great crossover event. I'm very sad how small my DC pulllist has dwindled to. Especially as the last WW Azz/Chiang Trade ends that spectacular run that was the best thing in the DCU the last year.