Tuff_Ghost's Recent Comments
August 14, 2013 11:31 pm I had the biggest grin on my face reading this issue. Like you mentioned, I know Thor(s) will prevail but I was so tense with every page turn. I don't know how he did it but he truly did make everything feel epic and have a weight to what was happening. Can't wait to sit down and read the entire thing again. The character work at the end was fantastic.
August 5, 2013 12:31 pm I don't particularity like the term myself but the term 'porn' isn't meant to be sexual. Especially in the context of 'shelf porn'. The problem isn't so much with the word porn. It is that as a society we think of porn as only as sexual porn. "television shows, articles, photographs, etc., thought to create or satisfy an excessive desire for something, especially something luxurious: the irresistible appeal of food porn; an addiction to real-estate porn." "1. Also called: porno pornographypublications or broadcasts that demonstrate an unhealthy or voyeuristic interest in a particular subject: property porn ; food porn"
April 10, 2013 1:49 pm Surprised at all the negative comments before anyone has even read the book :/ Going to give the first arc a shot and see how it goes.
March 15, 2013 12:21 pm It was delayed I believe to let people catch up with the series since they were releasing 2nd and 3rd prints of previous issues.
February 7, 2013 9:29 pm Enjoyed the story in this issue a lot. Seems to finally have set things up, lets see where we go.
January 12, 2013 4:35 pm Wow, it took a while to come out but I think after that ending I can forgive it. The art in this is outstanding. I read the pages and then spend another 5 minutes taking in everything that's happening. Hopefully this comes out in a larger format hardcover. Would love for more people to check this out now that it's complete.
January 12, 2013 4:33 pm This issues was amazing. Storty. Art. Everything!
January 10, 2013 1:54 am Awesome.... verily awesome
January 9, 2013 6:50 pm This has been a great series! If you haven't picked this up in issues don't hesitate on this collection. I'm wondering if DarkHorse will eventually put out Library editions similar to the stuff they are doing with Buffy.