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Bio: Adventurer. Bibliophile. Living with a Robot Man and sidekick to a Samurai. Kind of like that girl you walk by on the way to work, only more enthusiastic. I give Marvel too much money because I was a 90's kid. Live in the the bastion of consumerism known as Dallas, Texas. There's more, but really, WHO CARES.


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    I started following this comic because they added Gambit to the team. I figured there had to be some fun…

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    I’ll admit it straight up: I’m a huge Gambit fan. Always have been, always will be. So I’m biased in…

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    TheHeroicPatsy's Recent Comments
    January 11, 2013 10:40 am I really wish more people would pull this. It's doing great things with Legion (who I never cared about before), it's different, and it's quietly hilarious. I love the challenges to the standard X-Men ideals and the way Legion makes you think about everything you've just accepted about them in the past. I laugh every time I read it, too. This is quickly turning out to be one of my favorite books. And this one was definitely the best yet. C'mon, "Good night, Frodo."??? Amazing. I don't get everyone's beef with the art...I think it's eminently suited to this book and the story. Seriously, people really need to pull this. Just try it, particularly at 2.99. You get your money's worth.
    December 14, 2012 5:12 pm I'm completely on your page, man. Why aren't people in on Gambit and X-treme X-Men? How much in your face Avengers can you get? If anything, they at least give you a nice break from the incestuous business that is EVERY OTHER book Marvel has going on right now.