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As this is of course two separate stories, I’m going to split this up into two seperate mini-reviews. Part 1:…

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August 25, 2013 5:02 am @Conor - If most comic fans were in charge of Hollywood casting, every movie would star Nathan Fillion and Idris Elba.
April 16, 2013 9:02 pm Holy crap. Now THAT is a good trailer.
March 15, 2013 10:24 pm Somehow, very few people grasp this lesson. It's bizarre.
March 7, 2013 6:08 pm That video is nice, but who's the guy in the middle? Where's Paul?
March 7, 2013 12:26 am Nothing like a good Montgomery Strikeout to get a chuckle out of me.
March 1, 2013 2:08 pm It's perhaps too late, but Phil Noto just uploaded this to Twitter, and I'm in love. https://twitter.com/philnoto/status/307537067708133377
February 7, 2013 11:16 am Hey guys, let's not do the Hank Pym thing. We've had the debate before, and it didn't turn out pretty. On the topic at hand, I feel lied to. I had assumed the "MY PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAAD" edit was the original.
February 6, 2013 4:27 pm It turns out that Wolverine was the original Iron Man in the 1930s, Howard Stark saw newsreels of him as a child and passed the knowledge on to Tony.
February 6, 2013 2:36 pm Nathan Fillion for Han Solo! (Just kidding) (Please don't ban me)