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    Teenage_Fansub's Recent Comments
    October 18, 2015 3:01 pm It is the pre-Flashpoint Lois and Clark in Lois and Clark. They had the baby in the Convergence:Superman two-shot which is also by Jurgens and Weeks. It's worth checking out. Especially since he's beating up the Flashpoint world characters in it.
    September 20, 2015 8:58 pm Who knows what'll happen with the DC beancounters coming down on the new books, but Prez has a second series of 6 issues slated after #6.
    June 22, 2015 4:46 pm I think you'd like the Manhunter in JL United. He cares for a child Ultra Multi-Alien while everyone including the Legion wants to destroy it.
    June 7, 2015 10:49 pm Cause it sounds like you didn't read them, and in case you were wondering about why Clark doesn't have his armor now in Action Comics #41, it's told in the "Sneak Peek" comic: http://www.dccomics.com/comics/action-comics-2011/dc-sneak-peek-action-comics-2015 His biology has been changed somehow, so his fortress denies him access and sucks up his armor, leaving him with just scraps of his cape, which he now uses to protect his hands.
    March 23, 2015 6:19 am If you want to see where the Batman/Superman villain is from, Grant Morrison's Action Comics #13 is a fantastic stand-alone Halloween story with the guy, fantastic Travel Foreman (Animal Man) art and a beautiful Krypto backup. I recommend the hell out of that issue.
    March 15, 2015 7:24 pm The Bizarro opposite talk review of Action Comics was fun, but very uncomplimentary to Aaron Kuder!
    February 9, 2015 5:37 am I think I'd prefer the gloves to it just looking like his sleeves don't fit.
    February 8, 2015 5:17 pm Superman doesn't have fingerless gloves. He has long cuffs. You can see it plainly in the page where he's coming out. Not that it doesn't still look silly.
    February 1, 2015 7:31 pm Catwoman's mafia run in her own book is great.
    February 1, 2015 7:19 pm If you haven't been reading the Batman backups, the Joker has been giving all sorts of origins to people. Him being unknowable is definitely the point.