Name: Rob McPhilips

Bio: I work as an illustrator in Bath, England. Married with one cat, who rules the roost in our house. Her name is Silkie but we should call her Magneto as she treats us as sub-human slaves.

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    TREEBEAR's Recent Comments
    February 6, 2010 6:35 am Siege was great and that is say something as you expect great from Bendis. I personally love House of M because of Bendis and Coipel and have always loved his work. Its even worth checking out Coipel's  'Red Zone' run on the Avengers with none other than Geoff Johns and Andy Lanning. Let just say that you might want to check the JMS and Coipel's Thor run too as it is soooo good and I never even got Thor until then, you will not regret it! (it has slightly abrupt conclusion though due to Marvel taking the toy off him, amazing though. Now if only Marvel would do that to Loeb and the Hulk!!! I mean who cares, Rulk is Ross already and She-Rulk is Betty!!!  (Ron, try Thor, if you hate it, i promise to buy the trade off you or the HC, on my wife's life I will, even my cat's life, how's that?:)
    October 28, 2009 11:25 am

    Hey, great show as always. On the Constantine issue, he is English and it should rhyme with time.

    How do you colonial upstarts pronounce time eh? teem!!?  
    You pronounce quite  a few things in a funny way (thorough, route and Xavier. I think the X is  pronounced with a Z, pronounced Zed not Zee!) 
    The language we speak is English after all, but we forgive you young pups.

    Seriously though, I love the show especially when Ron gets his panties all up in a bunch over, well whatever it is.

    And Conner, sorry you are that guy!