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October 17, 2019 11:30 pm "I thought JOKER was brilliant – this film is true art. And Joaquin Phoenix’s performance is one of the best I have ever seen in movies, period" Good grief. Laying it on a little thick. We get it. You want to be one of those guys who "got it". Eye roll.
July 15, 2019 7:30 pm It still doesn't make sense that Brad was on the trip with them. He aged five years, which means he didn't "blip" which means he should have been done with high school in 2023. The only thing that would make sense would be if Brad were and 8th grader or younger before the blip and is now a junior or senior. But if he was that young pre-blip, why would these high school kids have even know who he was?
March 10, 2019 12:53 pm Just wanted to mention (because you guys didn't) that I thought the opening Marvel Fanfare logo modified to feature Stan Lee and the "Thank you Stan" message was awesome and a really nice way to start things off. Also, the Stan cameo: Stan reading the Mallrats script and going over his lines was a fantastic, period specific touch that will likely sail over the heads of the majority of the audience.
July 8, 2018 8:40 pm Great show as always guys. I've been listening since 2006 and I look forward to these Special Edition podcasts as much as I do the movies they are focused on. As for Ant-Man and The Wasp, totally agree with your assessment. I can't think of anything I would change. The story was tight, the action was fun (especially Wasp's fighting style), from end to end it was hilarious (many times laugh out loud for me) and it featured my favorite Stan Lee cameo so far. (now that, was funny) The de-aging technique they used on Michelle Pfeiffer is some dark magic that Marvel has apparently tapped into. She looked exactly as she did 30 years ago. Truly amazing work. Can't wait to see them pull it off for the entire run of a feature (Captain Marvel) for Sam Jackson and Clark Gregg. One thing I can't figure though is why Ron kept calling Michael Peña "Carlos" throughout the show.
June 27, 2018 12:08 am Wouldn't that be Inside Inside Llewyn Davis?
December 24, 2017 1:21 pm 100% to this. And the same thing goes for Star Trek. "Fans" who acknowledge nothing beyond the 60's series (and maybe some TNG) and Wrath of Kahn. They hate DS9, hate Enterprise, wouldn't watch Voyager, won't watch Discovery and hate all the JJ/Kelvin timeline movies. Yeah... real "fans". Baffling.
December 23, 2017 1:07 am Dunkirk was shot with IMAX cameras. Last Jedi was not. Last Jedi was shot with a constant 2.39:1 aspect ratio. There was nothing more it could open up to. This is why the upcharge for IMAX movies is pretty much always a rip off. They call it IMAX but it really isn't.
October 1, 2017 7:59 pm I'm going to start with episode one of The Orville (of course) and make my way through them. You guys have gotten me excited for it. I can't wait to get started. Oh... and another note on Discovery that I just learned... Not only do the fine people of Canada who are watching it on Space channel not have to pay anything extra for the show, the get it first. It airs on Space at 8:00 Sundays. Thirty minutes before it streams on CBS All Access. Good grief.
October 1, 2017 3:30 pm Great podcast as usual guys. And I'm glad to see such positive comments from the other posters here as so many people seemed ready to hate this show out of the gate no matter what it turned out to be. For the recored, I really liked it and am definitely on board for as long as they let it run. I've seen every other episode of every other Trek series so this one will be no different for me. Just a thought on this taking place in the past rather than the future... What we saw in the TNG era was basically a utopian society (as far as Earth and the Federation are concerned). But, those who know their Trek "future history" know that things get much worse before they get to that point (WW III, eugenics war). Star Trek always posited the idea that as we move forward, everything is going to get better. To go from the utopian society of the TNG era to what we see in Discovery (arguing amongst the crew, at war with the Klingons) if it were in 100 years in the future suggests that it's going to get worse again and we'll be right back where we started. I'm not sure if that thinking figured into the planning of the timeline of the show but it makes sense to me. Also, to Mike who basically stated the 5.1 rant I've been expressing since last Sunday verbatim, CBS All Access (much like Hulu) does not stream any of it's content in 5.1. It's all 2.0 no matter what device you are using to watch it. Being that this is 2017, that is insane. It's not like it's, technolocially impossible. Both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video stream 5.1 audio. To have a show like Discovery – which was absolutely mixed in 5.1 – down mixed to 2.0 is nothing short of a sin. And to then ask people to pay extra for an inferior version of the product is just salt in the wound. Especially since everyone else in the world watching it on Space or Netflix for no extra cost gets the 5.1 audio. As to the Orville, the trailer released last May at the up fronts made the show look like it was going to be a Trek parody (parody is one of my least favorite genres) and not a good one at that. I like Seth MacFarlane. I've seen him on talk shows and he always come across as a really smart guy but I've never watched any of his stuff. Not into Family Guy at all. But after hearing your take on The Orville I am absolutely going to check it out. So, thanks for that!
September 23, 2017 9:50 pm The 2001 show wasn't a reboot as no other "The Tick" show came before it.