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    July 6, 2020 6:04 pm I didn't expect to see the trade paperback prelude for Kirkman and Samnee's Fire Power be reviewed, however I was initially perplexed as to why the simultaneously released #1 issue was absent. Both were released in stores the same day, with the #1 issue being free. I took a quick look online and realized Fire Power #1 did not release digitally last Wednesday. It looks like it won't roll out digitally until August 5th, the same day as #2. That said, I cannot wait for you guys to get around to it when the time comes. I read both the prelude trade and the debut issue and loved them. Can't wait for more. This is some of Samnee's best work. Terrific action and sequential story telling. Unparalleled expressions and facial acting. Top notch. As far as the story is concerned: it's tons of fun. I think this is my favorite Kirkman story concept since Invincible. It captures a lot of the same magic. The trade isn't inherently necessary to reading the first issue, however I wouldn't miss it.