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    Slobberknocker's Recent Comments
    December 26, 2018 4:23 pm I could not disagree more. This was a great superhero movie. He fought for a cause greater than himself by taking a role he does not want to stop a war. While do this he still went out of his way to save people from the damage his fight was causing. Its in my top 5 superhero movies
    May 8, 2016 6:29 pm Movie was OK. Big plot holes and shaky cam runed good action scenes. I give it a 6.5 out of 10. Good Podcast. my biggest problem: is why did Tony Stark get so stupid.
    March 28, 2016 10:14 am I'm disappointed in y'all. You were reviewing the movie you wanted instead of the movie on the screen. The things everyone was asking for were shoved into this movie. I'm not saying that this movie was perfect just good and entertaining; and most importantly it had a lot of what fans said they wanted. Let's take this movie for a moment. The Batman was great. He was a flawed individual who had seen his life work amount to nothing, was disgruntled, doubting his own legacy and that leaves him open for the idea of being a part of the Justice League. Now this is something that was subtle in the movie, that wasn't pounded on yet this movie was criticized for not having subtly. The Superman in this movie was a talk first, fight second Superman. Is that not what everyone was asking for? Let's take The scene of the explosion that Superman did not stop. He made the mistake of not always being on guard, which he admitted to in the movie and felt guilty for. He wasn't perfect. It's not the Superman that you wanted. Let's take this scene of the fight between Batman and Superman. The only reason Batman did as well as he did was because Superman was holding back trying to talk, trying to convince Batman to help, join forces. Is that not the Superman we want. Take for instance the last scene of sacrifice going into the battle even though he knows he's going to die. Is that not the Superman that we want. I don't understand the criticisms. And by the way if my girlfriend was in a foreign country I would be hanging out in the area just in case there was some kind of problem. He did not respond from half way around the world. I see this Superman as an allegory for modern police work - trying to do the right thing, making the mistake of being human, and being criticized both in the movie and out of the movie for falling short of perfect. Wonder Woman was great; all 7 minutes of her in a two and half hour movie. I'm looking forward to her movie. I wonder if the critics will be as hard. If they are it will not matter my daughter will love seeing the Wonder Woman on the big screen. In all lighten up. It's a movie. These are the movie characters. They can not nor should they try to include all 75 years on history.