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You may think this is going to be a facile, boring walk down a path already tread by countless other…

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Bendis’ story of the Mutant Revolution continues to evolve. This week we see the ultimate consequence of how the Phoenix…

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This comic features White Lantern Rayner’s first outing with the Templar Guardians. Though Rayner is mistrustful of the new Guardians,…

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December 20, 2017 3:36 am The actor who portrayed Akbar passed away, which is why he was killed off screen :(
June 7, 2015 10:56 pm The Great Society, Hickman's version of the Justice League from Earth 4,290,001. It included the Sun God (Superman), The Norn (Dr. Fate), The Jovian (Martian Manhunter), The Rider (Batman), Doctor Spectrum (Green Lantern) and Boundless (the Flash). Interestingly, the only survivor of the battle was Doctor Spectrum and she was just featured in a teaser image for All New, All Different Marvel (their big post-Secret Wars relaunch).
June 7, 2015 8:54 pm There was an incursion that pit the 616 heroes off against the Justice League. The battle was brutal and downright horrible but the 616 heroes prevailed. However, beating the Justice League was not enough. No, now the Illuminati had to take a bomb and actually blow up the Earth from the Justice League's universe. The Illuminati had to murder billions of innocent souls so that their Earth could survive. Each hero grasped the bomb's controller but found himself too weak to pull the trigger. That was until Namor casually grabbed the controller and detonated the bomb, destroying the other Earth. Everyone was horrified by this. Especially Black Panther. The two began to fight one another when Namor finally let slip that the reason Thanos attacked Wakanda (during the Infinity event) was because Namor made a deal with Thanos to spare Atlantis and attack Wakanda. That was the last straw for the other members of the Illuminati, who banished Namor from their presence. Soon after, another incursion occurred. The heroes, knowing they did not have the gumption to blow up another Earth, decided to toil away their last few hours doing things they enjoyed (drinking, being with family, etc.). When their alarm clocks buzzed, they all closed their eyes and waited for certain death... But it did not come. Seconds passed by, then minutes, then hours. They did not know what had happened. Was it a miracle? Unbeknownst to the heroes, Namor traveled to Wakanda and freed Thanos, Black Swan and the other members of what would become the Cabal. Together, this group took it upon themselves to save their Earth by destroying every other Earth that appeared in the sky. That is why Namor is with the "bad guys". He was forced to side with them because Reed, T'Challa and everyone else could not do what must be done to save Earth. Ironically, Namor soon found the Cabal to be too violent. They relished the task of invading other Earths and slaughtering their inhabitants. Namor was so disgusted by this that he traveled to Latveria and basically begged Doom to help him get rid of the Cabal and together save Earth in a more regal/clean fashion. Doom refused, very flatly, by saying that Namor could have come to Doom first and together they could have saved the Earth but instead he sided with monsters. That Namor made his bed and would now have to lie in it. Doom had this great line too, "Doom is no man's second choice." That sums up Doom's character so well, in my opinion.
May 31, 2015 5:12 pm Finally, the "i" in iFanboy makes sense! :P 1. Green Lantern: Start with issue #21 (2011) if you don't want to read a mountain of comics or Green Lantern Rebirth, if you want to start at the beginning of Geoff Johns' epic run. 2. I wish Hero v. Hero stories would be put on the back burner for a while. I like those stories but we have ad so many of them lately that I'm just tired of them. Let' get back to having real villains for a change! 3. Agreed. Get creators to tell good stories. That's all you need to revitalize Vertigo. 4. Favorite event... Probably Siege but mostly due to the way it put a huge exclamation point on that darker era in Marvel history. It was a great capstone event that (unlike most events) actually stuck the landing. 5. Skipped 6. I drop comics like its hot. I can always go back and read them if I hear they turned out good. 7. Gotta love the movies! 8. Big events are important because the companies have trained their readers to only care about events. I'm glad DC is trying to break the cycle and focus on telling good stories outside of events again. Tie-Ins almost always feel like throw-a-way stories now-a-days. The problem is that if often feels like the creative teams are mandated from on high to write a tie-in book. It is honestly what killed the Nightwing book, it just could not get anything going before it was forced to tie into Snyder's big story arc. 9. Pull a Scott Summers! Abandon your wife and kids so you can chase your dreams! :P 10. Don't read enough of Ennis' work. 11. I like waffles or pancakes or french toast with a side of bacon, sausage and eggs. Maybe some hash browns but... That sounds like a lot of food, so maybe not. 12. Why? 13. Terrible 14. Movies and TV shows are the long con for comics. They get people addicted to superheroes at a young age, then when they are older (and have disposable income), it is easy to turn them into real comic readers. The 90's X-Men cartoon is the reason why I read comics today. It grabbed me hook, line and sinker. Cool fact, even Axel Alonso has gone on record as saying the 90's X-Men cartoon was one of their best gateway drugs as it captivated so many kids from my generation. I genuinely feel like, in 20 years, we will see a huge number of comic book readers who say the reason they read comics is due to the Marvel movies. The reason comic companies alter their comics to match their movies is simply for the hope of luring existing hardcore readers and casual fans into buying a comic because it resembles "that awesome movie." I liked the DnA Guardians of the Galaxy but I'm not in the mood to read that right now. I want to read about quip-happy Star-Lord and his lovable gang of space buddies. 15. I read at least one comic five nights a week. Its a quick read and leaves plenty of time to do other stuff in the day. 16. Mad Men, more like Meh Men! :P 17. That sounds awful. Seriously one team...!? Yuck, I like diversity. I suppose you'd have to pick a writer who can write a variety of genres and an artist who can draw mundane and crazy things equally well... Hmm... Probably Grant Morrison. He can do simple stuff and crazy stuff equally well. No idea on the artist... Jack Kirby? Can I pick him? In this hypothetical, do I still have a wide diversity of inkers and colorists? Maybe Greg Capullo then... Bah, too hard! 18. Cherry-filled Cronut. 19. Hating other people's fun can be fun 20. If DC makes it a thing, we will just learn to ignore them like we ignore the full page ads. Not a big deal. 21. DC likes to explain the structure of the multiverse because it is an integral part of their universe, especially since we didn't have a multiverse for a long, long time. 22. Spider-Man because I was a nerd in high school who dated all of the pretty girls at school... Wait, no, those were my day dreams. Darn you reality! 23. No comment 24. Don't own any because they always seem too expensive. 25. Backlash incoming 26. Move on and come back when it reverts to the status quo 27. Westerns are not my bag 28. There is no balance, family first. You have to re-adjust your hobby life downward in terms of importance to your life. Buy fewer titles and be a bit more discerning in what you buy. 29. Everything can be adapted, I just hope they do it well. 30. Aging hipsters exist, sometimes they morph into old yuppies. 31. Too many to list 32. Never read it 33. No. Binge it after the season is done. 34. Give them something weird, like Swamp Thing 35. Some hero that isn't fast or athletic, that way I could keep up. So... Goldballs?
May 24, 2015 11:37 pm I have no idea what happened in Ultimate End. I too feel like we missed a story or three in between Secret Wars #2 and this comic.
May 18, 2015 1:20 am Civil War: My guess is that it will be an issue between Steve and Tony about how much government oversight/control there should be over the Avengers, and superheroes more generally. Stark will be pro-more control and Steve will be pro-no control. My bet is that by the end of it SHIELD will rise to oversee but not control superheroes. Of course now that Spider-Man characters are in play... I can't help but think how cool it would be for Osborn to use the Civil War as a justification for creating HAMMER. The only problem with that theory is where do they fit the HAMMER storyline in considering we know what the next eleven films will be. As for comics, Secret Wars #2 was so amazing! I loved every second of it. I wish the Cabal never had to be released and Battle World could be our status quo for a long while! Can I just say, I have zero interest in the Convergence titles and, from the looks of it, you guys don't either. I cannot wait until we get past this event and get back to normalcy. The two month wait is literally killing me.
May 17, 2015 11:05 am #2 was amazing!
February 17, 2015 1:48 am I hated the idea of weddings until my best friend got married last summer. It really hit home how important that transitional ceremony is. It is like graduating from high school or college, it represents something momentous in your life. It should be celebrated and cherished. Having said that, there is no way weddings should cost 60 grand. I mean, seriously!? Get married in a park and have a reception in a community center. There is no way a ceremony should ever cost 60 grand. Ever. Even Brad and Angelina should not spend that much. A wedding can easily cost 10 grand. I accept this. Imagine what you could do with the remaining 50 grand? That's a down payment on a HOUSE, that you will live in, rear your children in and grow old in! That could be 2 very nice cars! That could be a camper and a truck that you take out into the back country once a month to make thousands of great memories in! Imagine the kind of vacation you could have for 50k? You could literally go around the world! Have a wedding? Definitely but save the bulk of your money for things that will help you make even more memories. P.S. I totally agree with Josh about splurging on a good photographer. Oh man, I have seen some HORRIBLE pictures in my day and... I cannot fathom the disappointment that the couples have with themselves for not hiring someone good.
February 1, 2015 3:28 pm *Such a cool idea (I was going to say turn around but switched thought streams half way through).
February 1, 2015 3:27 pm You will forever be in my heart Paul. I look forward to your future endeavors on Panels. Zuckuss is a Gand, while 4-LOM is a bug-headed Protocol Droid. The toy line mixed up the names but Lucasfilm corrected the error in later publications. The "Oh SNAP!" moment in Batman this week really astounded me. I had no idea Batman was headed to the Court. Such a cool turn idea.