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    SailorKrypton's Recent Comments
    August 23, 2013 10:39 pm It's both interesting and disturbing the amount of prejudice and hatred being expelled toward Canada and its citizens. The use of stereotypes from both the author of this article and the many comments here and other places is a hefty display of ignorance on their part, and disregards not only Canadian fans and Canada itself but Jeff Lemire's abilities. I would hope that the readers/ fanboys/ customers of the past were not as intolerant when "Justice League America" became "Justice League International," nor when "Justice League Europe" was announced. While the recent "JLI" may have fizzled, it is not because of an international group of heroes being portrayed in the DC mainstream universe; the whole Batman Inc. certainly shows that the idea of international heroes is a fun way to look at DC's fictional world. I'm a Canadian. I don't say "eh," and I don't know anyone who does. I don't play hockey nor like it. Where I live is not perpetually underneath snow, and in fact, it's like 100 degrees Fahrenheit here, as I type this. I'm also a long time comic book reader, collector, fan, and I'm ashamed by the attitudes and ignorance on display here. Comic book fans should be embracing of different concepts and ideas and supportive of their fellow fans, whatever country they are in, and yet here we are witnessing contempt and hatred; it's sad.