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    RufusPentecost's Recent Comments
    June 23, 2021 4:32 pm There was an interesting connection between your discussion of two comics this week. You had mentioned you hadn't really read a lot of the original Milestone comics, although you did know Dwayne McDuffie had been one of the original creators. You also were unfamiliar with when Black Panther had been a member of the Fantastic Four. Coincidentally, that had been during the time when Dwayne McDuffie had been writing the series. Reed and Sue were off on some long-term adventure (I do not recall what that was) and they were replaced by Black Panther and Storm, who were married at the time. I had similar feelings to the ones you guys had regarding the issues of Fantastic Four, Static, and Supergirl that were discussed. Thanks for the great discussion. Your podcast makes mowing the lawn so much more pleasant. ALSO: Did you guys read the 6 Sidekicks of Trigger Keaton? I am not sure which week that came out, but I only just got it last week and it was fantastic.