Name: Raymond Ancog

Bio: Hey! If you're actually taking the time to read this self-serving piece, I'll let you know that I'm from the Philippines, a newly 40-something by the date of my registration. I'm exclusively into Marvel, and follow the former Fantastic Four now Future Foundation, and lately Spider-Man. My favorite superheroes are, in order, the late great Johnny Storm, She-Hulk (Sensational Jen), and of course Spider-Man.When I'm not reading comics, I have a day job as a geologist/paleontologist in a government agency; I also did part-time college teaching, teach music and sing at church, and love to swim and walk to give my body the workout it deserves! I have a nostalgic fondness for eras gone by. Would you believe 70's music with trumpets like "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" and cetain Carpenter songs as well as YouTube videos of the original Electric Company set me off in a mood? The colors and fonts of that decade really hearken to me.


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