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September 16, 2013 5:08 pm If this were a Facebook post I would push the Like button multiple times. Well said, indeed.
September 16, 2013 5:00 pm Never mind, just found comiclist.com. I really will miss your pull list feature, though, it was a great way to see what everyone else was reading and commenting on.
September 16, 2013 4:54 pm Wow. Sorry to hear this, but I completely understand. Like most of you, I've had major life changes in the past few years (had twins in Oct 2010) so have not been able to participate here and elsewhere, nor buy/read as many comics, as I did from 2006-2010, but I will always treasure and remember fondly the community you created here. Best of luck in your future endeavors and THANK YOU for creating such a friendly and stimulating place on the web! One more question: where the heck do I go now to figure out which books to add to my pull list for the week? ;-)
June 17, 2013 1:29 pm Saw it last night, I think this review is pretty spot-on: http://www.filmschoolrejects.com/reviews/review-man-of-steel.php I probably would've given it a B-, though. To me, the overblown action sequences were compensated by the quality of the character-driven scenes. Costner was excellent as Jonathan Kent and I think they nailed that aspect of the Superman mythology in the scenes between Clark and Jonathan. The "learning to fly" sequence was also stellar, probably the highlight of the film for me. I also felt like the world they established could very well fit in with Nolan's Batman trilogy. I know seeing Bale as Batman and Cavill as Superman together on screen may not happen but at least it seems feasible based on the world depicted in this film.
May 20, 2013 6:12 pm I'm liking this series OK but will probably switch to trades after this arc. I enjoy it for the thought-provoking scenario(s) and Wood's in-depth research but am not really invested in any of the characters. It feels more like an intellectual exercise than a intriguing story to read. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but for some reason this book just hasn't gelled with me.
May 15, 2013 2:18 pm I'm in the same boat. The ONLY reason I buy comics these days is to read them. I bag and board the issues/series I really enjoy but am trying to get out of the habit of keeping EVERY single issue in a short box. I live in the Bay Area, am a father of twins, and don't have a lot of space so the 8 short boxes in my garage seem like a huge liability right now. I too tell myself that maybe my kids will enjoy going through Daddy's comic boxes some day but who am I kidding? That being said, the thought of tackling my collection and weeding out the chaff is even more daunting than having them in the garage in the first place. I don't understand how so many comic fans put up with the space that large collections take up.
February 21, 2013 3:19 pm I've felt pretty meh about this book for the last 10 issues or so. Not sure I'm going to stay on board.
November 19, 2012 6:33 pm Yep, I've had the exact same experience since our twins were born 2 years ago. With only about 6-7 books on my pull list (Invincible, Unwritten, The Massive, Batman, Saga, Uncanny Avengers, and Hellboy when it comes out), it's much more about quality than quantity these days. Congrats on your new baby!
November 19, 2012 2:29 pm I have to be price-conscious with my comics because in addition to being a father of twins I have several other hobbies on which I like to spend my monthly disposable income (clothes and music being the big two right now). Limiting my monthly comics budget to $30 has worked so far, although it invariably means I don't get to read nearly as many comics as most people on here. I don't have much time for reading these days, anyway, so it actually works out pretty well.
October 31, 2012 3:07 pm Like many others here who grew up with and love the original trilogy, I just don't care all that much. That's great if it ends up resulting in higher quality films made by passionate Star Wars fans of my generation (I'm 38), but I'm not holding my breath. I've accepted the fact that I probably won't see a proper home video release of the original unaltered trilogy in my lifetime and I'd rather not get my hopes up and end up being disappointed. On the plus side, if this does end up in a renewed Star Wars Universe that is full of creative energy and captivating characters and storylines , my kids (just turned 2) will be coming of age right in the middle of it and I'll be able to participate in it with them.