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April 13, 2013 7:07 am I think they do do something for the story. I took away that, firstly Robot was cursing at the Wreath with his screen, calling them cock-suckers essentially. It also ties into his repressed feelings towards sexual inadequacy as a result of the horrors and violence he's seen on the warfront. It's the kind of interesting thing you can do to uniquely portray a characters thoughts and emotions when they have a TV for a head.
October 8, 2012 1:02 pm James Stokoe has come on to 4chan and posted his own comics (before they were released) and talked with people. Brian Clevinger joined in for some chat when someone else was posting some Atomic Robo. Google "4chan The Underground" for how Steve Lieber got increased sales on his and Parker's book through the help of pirates. And Gaiman said it's boosted his sales.
October 8, 2012 12:27 pm " Are commercially available digital comics affecting the number or quality of files being shared? " It increases quality certainly as digital rips are often quite good quality, although the physical scans still remain. From personal experience this hasn't increased the number of piraters, it just increases the redundancy for a comic still being available if one of the pirated copies gets reported or taken down off a file-sharing site. "Are as many people downloading as they used to, or have online sales caused more readers to “go straight”?" Again, just from personal experience, yes. Digital availability has helped, but generally only for attractively priced comics. Many people would refuse to pay the same amount for a digital copy as a physical copy. $1.99 per issue seems to be most peoples breaking point. Personally I'm downloading far less because I'm happy to buy all he creator owned comics on my pull list to support the creators and I'm disenchanted with the majority of Big Two comics so I'm not even bothered to read them even if they were free. Can't speak for everyone but in the circles I run in I think there's both an increase in purchases of independent, creator owned or very good Big Two stuff (Hawkeye, Journey into Mystery, Wonder Woman etc.) that people want to support, but an increase in piracy of mediocre stuff or things that people want to read but can't or don't want to support (Before Watchmen, AvX) and an increase in very, ummm, "casual" comics like Justice League or whatever. Just some thoughts.