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    NeverWanderer's Recent Comments
    June 10, 2010 4:00 pm

    Great article, Jason. I admit, I'm on the side of the argument that enjoys the longer numbering conventions of yesteryear. It's like your title says... there's nothing really special about #1 issues anymore. I'm hoping that you're right about this possibly being another "Foil Cover" craze that will eventually die down. 

    May 13, 2010 4:00 pm

    Damn, guys... this is the first iFanboy podcast review, comics or otherwise, where I just completely disagreed with almost everything you said. =P

    I thought there were a few lines that were a little too scripted, and a couple scenes that felt a little too indulgent, and I wished they'd delved a little more into Tony's alcoholism... but overall, I loved the flick. I thought all the actors were firing on all cylinders (I even didn't mind ScarJo). I thought the action was a big step up from the first movie. They brought a little more intensity into this one, which I missed in the first movie.

    I don't agree AT ALL about the comment on their being too many plot elements, or the lack of a solid 1,2,3 act structure hurting it... that just smacks of a little too much focus on writing theory. I didn't care about rising actions and falling actions, I cared about whether I was enjoying what was in front of me. That's all that *should* matter in storytelling. (though, for the record, I do think there was a perceptible 3 act structure).

     I thought Rhodey's arc was well established, and they went out of their way to show him as being shaky in the suit. He's a military man, so he did as he was ordered, but he was always forced into it.  

    I thought it was at least AS good as the first movie, and a great next chapter. Basically, the Superman II to Iron Man's Superman: The Movie. 

     But I still love you guys. :) 

    February 11, 2010 1:30 pm

    I would have to disagree that the story exists "perfectly" as an animated film. The anime is an amazing technical, visual achievement, but I don't think Otomo did a great job of truncating his story down to movie length. It's a helluva thing to look at, but I think it fails on a story level. It's kind of like saying Lord of the Rings existed perfectly as Ralph Bakshe's animated movie. =P Half the story is mssing!

    I've got my doubts about how well the Hughes Bros can *tell a story*. I know they can make it look cool, but, like I said, if the animated movie proved anything, it's that Akira needs to do more than look good in order to make sense.

    I think the comic is one of the best ever made and I would LOVE to see someone tell that story with the love and care that Peter Jackson paid to LOTR. Maybe the Hughes Bros have that love of the meterial to make it work. I dunno.  I'm skeptical, but hopeful.