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    LocoLobo73's Recent Comments
    January 11, 2011 10:39 am

    @conor  whats your favorite book, now imagine that Hollywood decided to make a movie about that book, then changed everything in that book and made the movie, example "Along Came a Spider" an Alex Cross Novel, by James Patterson , The book is nt even recognizable , and the movie IMO sucked . The Novel is a best seller and it was made a movie cause some thought it was great in its original format, so if it aint broke , dont fix it.  i think when you play with other peoples toys you should respect them, otherwise make your own toys and creat your own world to play in. Its amazing when we had shows in the 80's that where cool and original character wise. Let them do that , its not like they cant be successful, look at Ben 10, Tower Prep, and Generator Rex they do fine.  Its fine to take liberties but the core has to stay the same , change a character from black to white, male to female, fine but dont change it so much that you dont recognize the porduct, other wise its not the product anymore its something else, so call it something else.

    January 10, 2011 5:29 pm @conor  yeah and so is nt The Avengers but they still manage to honor the characters and the cannon is it an exact representation of the original, no , and i wouldnt want it as such , but when you completely change a character and use his name , then how are we suppose to know who they are talking about. My son is 11 and is really starting to become intrested in comics, however when he watches young justice and then starts reading on the internet about the characters and they are not even close , he wants to know why, but the kid is becoming a regular Marvel maniac because of the Avengers, and that atleast is close to the cannon.
    January 10, 2011 11:21 am Wish they would have stck tgo the cannon , but it was a fun watch, hopefully we will be getting some other characters adde don and some more familiar bad guys that stay true to their origins and are not created for the show like Block Buster and the new guy for the new episode coming, Mr Twist. with the amount of established bad guys why cant they just use them. I absolutely love what they are doing with The Avengers that it makes Young Justice look just mediocore at best. its ashame cause it does have some great characters and I would have loved to seen them in a more true the books adaption.
    January 10, 2011 11:16 am the show continues to impress, Chris Yost has really spent a great deal of time to insure that we are getting top notch stories and art work, this show pays  great attention to all the little details, I loved the opening of this show with Thor , Wasp and Ant Man inside the Fantastic Fours Home, Idea 46 , that was just plain awesome. This show is amazing and cant wait to see so many things come out, I wish they would have had an actual cameo by the 4, instead of just the picture. I love how they have touched on all the corners of the Marvel Universe so far. We have had the Xmen mentioned wolverine cameo, The Fantastic four, The kree / skrulls, I honestly cant wait to see what they dpo next , I would love to see a cameo, from some of the Marvel Knights side, like Dare Devil and the Heroes for Hire or even the the ThunderBolts.
    December 13, 2010 10:42 am This episode has continued what the last two episodes had started and that great Smallville tv. This show managed to do several things first we got the big question out of the way between lois and Clark. Second we get the heroes  realizing that there is something bigger at play and that its all a plan by Darkseid. Third , you get the Heroes making the choice to stand up and and that eachtime the Darkness raises its head a league will be there to stop it. Fourth a cool fight between Hawkman and Deathstroke leading to one of the coolest scenes in Smallvilles history a flaming Hawkman diving to save Lois, and Fifth, another cool Smallville Moment : A HEROES FUNERAL. This is Smallville at its best.
    December 13, 2010 10:24 am 459 was pretty darn good, I love how they continue to infuse this show with Marvels ever growing History. The Infusion of the mutiple verisons of the characters has lent it to have a very unique feel, while preserving the history and storylines. All I can say is they better not take this show off the air anytime soon, I want to see the Kree /Skrull war, the Secret War and all the other Major Marvel Moments. I also love that they brought Carol Denvers in , so we can se her become Ms. Marvel which would leave it open for a great crossover moment with the Brother Hood of Mutants and possibly the X-Men. How cool would that be ?    
    December 7, 2010 3:06 pm @wayne2001bc  those are the frost giants of Asgard
    December 6, 2010 1:17 pm

    Luthor : this episode was handled very well , gret job by all with the alternate universe. I loved the Ultraman Clark, wellington always does evil Clark very well. Cant wait to see the next episode with DeathStroke and the League

    December 6, 2010 11:22 am I think this is a decent Idea but is chocked full of the same problems very female driven show has, Hell Didnt Dc just say how they had to rename all of their direct to video animated movies that had the focus on the female lead, like Superman and Batman Apopcalypse, which should have been titled Supergirl. Yet here we are talking about a female driven show to replace Smallville. That being said if they tied her to the titans and have her start meeting characters like Cyborg from Smallville or Impulse (Bart). That might work well. Tie the show to Smallville with the cameos from the Titans.
    December 6, 2010 11:11 am @conor  Actually i heard on a site that Marvel and Disney Xd have big plans for there animated properties, There isnt any actual commitment issues with the animated marvel, Thankfully, and I heard that a Secret War might be in the future and that the Fantastic Four and Xmen maybe included as well as a certain wallcrawler. They mantioned this would be handled like the old Amazing spiderman cartoon that had multiple characters introduced and used in the same story "Secret Wars" would be awesome, read this on a Animated related website comicbook movies i think it was
    but that will be awesome if its what is happening.