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Name: Lincoln Chinnery

Bio: I write about food, spirits, bars and cocktails for various magazines. I've been to more bars than a NYC health inspector. I'm a member of the USBGNY. Also, I love comic books and Sci-Fi. I can name all the actors who have played the Doctor and the different varieties of Kryptonite and how they effect Superman.

Twitter: Lincolnwrites

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April 10, 2012 1:03 pm Question: Who grimacing while they are unconscious? Answer:: Any character drawn by Liefeld. I have to agree with The Flasher "I was crazy about Lobo in my younger days..." I'm at the point where Liefeld's art is joke/ insult to the industry. He's popular and helped usher in a change to the industry but it's time for him to put the pen down and move on. And NodNolan, if you think honest criticism of a person's art is "akin to bullying" then you must have been home schooled. Disagree, that's fine, it's your right but let's be real. He'll never read this. He'll never be effected by our comments and he'll continue to make (and get paid for ) comics long after theses posts are gone. And that Logan Hall...I mean WolverHawk...Sorry, Hawkman cover. COME ON! If this was 1992 that cover would ROCK but after checking the calendar I've come to find out it's 2012 and it stinks. It's splash pages for shock value and not what a comic book should be.... Great art to go along with a great story. Lastly, until Rob Liefeld takes an anatomy class and relearns to draw he's going to get criticized, he'll still be the butt of jokes in an industry that he helped change... and for that I feel for him. He's got to get better
October 11, 2011 1:40 pm Turns out I need to learn to read before I open my mouth. You're info about SS is100 correct. Apologies. I'll go eat some crow. And I STILL stand by item #3. Hopefully you'll let me buy you guys a beer (or six) at Idle Hands this week. Yes, I am a New Yorker!
October 11, 2011 1:05 pm You've chosen some great places but... 1) Eataly? Really? Real New Yorkers avoid that place because it filled with tourists who don't know how to order or move at the speed of NYC. 2) Shake Shake? The line at SS starts at Madison Park and ENDS somewhere near the Staten Island ferry. If you've got five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes to wait for a meal then go for it. 3) You did an excellent job on finding decent places to eat on 9th Avenue. On that I cannot find fault. Nice job. 4) What about price specials for the people who've spend a ton of money to get to NYC for this? This town is not cheap. Instead of going upscale and touristy you could have found a few places that have group friendly pricing. 5) What? No brunch? Come on. The Yotel on 42nd & Tenth has an excellent boozy brunch special. How could you miss that? I left space around #3 so people can see I'm not about being bitter or spewing poison. It's a fine list just not really tailored for the crowd at Comic Con...And Yes, I'll be at the Con.