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August 15, 2013 3:41 am Epic was really good, me & my daughter loved it.
August 15, 2013 3:40 am Saga Infinity #1 X Worlds Finest Breath of Bones: A Tale of Golem BQ: Oblivion was amazing in the IMAX, a total eargasm, sound fx,beautiful vistas, panoramic scenic landscapes & cinemaphotography made the tech driven Sci-Fi 2001 Kubrick-esque solitude overtones film a true IMAX experience and for that I loved it. Can't speak for it seen any other way unless you have a killer 7.1 surround system and at least a 60" screen cause its one of them movies where it's not just a different feel but IMAX made it a whole other film. I also bought and watched & loved D'jhango Unchained on Blu-Ray if that counts as a "this summer release" ? It was released on BluRay this summer and I had no prior viewings of it. Loved everything about this film and the bonus features & soundtrack just made it even better. I'd like to be saying Man of Steel without any other mention but although I am on the side of people who liked it, it had some flaws that kept it from the top of the list. Haven't seen The Wolverine, and really look forward to Thor: The Dark World cause I got a feeling Asgardian battles with Walt Simonsons creations might just lay the hammer down, pun intended.
August 7, 2013 7:33 pm I'm all for this as an X-verse reader who definitely loves a line up that mixes classic & obscure with the mutant pulp throw back feel. Nightcrawlers death was an effective one in Second Coming as one of the few true or say closest friends to Wolverine with those special moments reminisced by Logan down the road and into his own Road To Hell with the AOA Nightcrawler and over to Uncanny X-Force.It has been a cpl yrs and the elf is due for a return, and this being a practical one with Azazel. Fire and Ice together like the old Amazing Spider Friends. :)
August 7, 2013 6:54 pm Oh my god ,lol!!! I never even heard this term in the comics sphere and couldn't even make it through the whole article & comments without laughing my ass off!! But I have had many a run in with the creepy, too close for comfort fan. They're usually the guys who need the ok it's time to reel it in hint or just say gimme 2ft would ya, your creeping me out space invader. Now I and hopefully everyone on here loves comics but I know I've been & can be obsessive at times about my collection, love talking shop with the cats who can bounce it back and know when to let it flow. I do have my shelves with my hobby in full, I like to rotate the set up so its not all cluttered and keep it fresh, yet it has its mainstays. And I wouldn't call this an obsession really but a passion, cause I truly enjoy it. Do I take pictures to display to people I don't know? Why would I? Its not meant to impress others (sure its nice to see it admired or told "thats sweet as hell". Tophe main thing I loved about it in the 1st place is that I'm doing it for myself as a form of escapism & enjoyment. Me & my friends that collect send photos of stuff to each other we know the other will like but porn isn't in the ballpark. Thanks for the laughs everyone, enjoy your shelves.
August 7, 2013 6:27 pm @MM "Cosmic Rod", Ahhh, lol!! Power Girls costume is soft core porn and I love it!!! Vampirella, RedSonja, Catwoman.....I love it and that's normal, the art is good and it can be sexy & provocative. Most girls I know or have met that are into comics love the sexy chicks and this is usually coming from girls who are sexy chicks. Not dumb but wharp,sophisticated witty & into comix. That combined with who they are mostly drawing these for is a good thing, not that all female characters should & don't dress like Lady Death, Psylocke or any other revealing look. Grimm Fairy Tales has it going on but I'm on a whole other tangent with this post than the article is even really about.
July 30, 2013 1:50 pm From the start too, it's been Bendis & Bachalo for 5 then Bendis & Frazer Irving for 5. I love the worlds apart artists rotating on the same title, Bachalo sets a tone for the ongoing sub plots while Irving comes in on the arcs that require his palette to change then atmospheric channel.
July 14, 2013 10:23 pm Star power isn't even needed to carry one character, even a key one like Cable when it's X-Force and connected to X-men. They can use a handful of quality actors, a few star power roles and someone like Stephen Lang as Cable would make him a star and shine surrounded by a good cast with better resumes. Talented Indie and mainstream credibility bring the formula a movie like this needs. And I think Rated R with a few really good teasers followed by an excellent trailer showcasing substance could let the bloody violence be delivered right and not B flick level.
July 14, 2013 10:05 pm As a long time X everything mutant reader, I'd love to see a mix bag of characters from the origInal X-force, Cyclop's initial black ops team, Remender's Uncanny X-Force and the current Cable & X-Force. Leave the current Uncanny X-Force alone cause that's just too much baggage and a direct spin off of Remender's team anyway which is no place for a story to start. Take the black ops stealth approach in a universe where the X-men exist and my proposed mixed team consisting of pillar founding & continuing newer characters like Cable,Domino,Deadpool,Warpath, X-23, Fantomex, Dr.Nemesis, Archangel,Wolverine and Sunspot with the introduction of Hope. This is a big roster but covers many bases like ethnic diversity, the different teams over the years, ties to X-men, weapon X project, and Apocalypse as well as the Messiah/endangered species, and Days of the Future Past windows opened. Plenty of characters for strong violence and leadership in Cable & Wolverine. Established past told through conversations between Cable, Domino & Deadpool as well as Cable's existence made clearly aware by Logan. Dr Nemesis has the smaller but important scenes with Fantomex opening up future story plots if they don't already base this movie around him with big meaning for Hope & Archangel for more important and pivotal sub plot scenes that expand the movies story, connections to time sliding, Apocalypse/Days of Future Past and the franchise altogether. All the while leaving room for cameos or name drops for Psylocke, Colossus, Cannonball,Boom Boom and whoever else could be significant for a sequel. The black ops plot with all those strong connections revolving around Fantomex is my synopsis and think that could work much smoother than it sounds. But I'm dreaming of a perfect mix of the X-Force history made by Marvel studios, not Fox.
July 4, 2013 10:30 pm Nothing outta that...curious then, what do u read?
July 4, 2013 10:26 pm BQ: I like all weather mostly but humidity to where you sweat and are sticky the min you even get in your car to start your day, just run somewhere, or outside for a min and your already sweaty. I doubt I'd enjoy Death Valley either.