Name: Burt Welch

Bio: I enjoy naps. And my wife. Exercise and the Gym are vices I cannot seem to set down but vastly prefer to others. Lifelong geek, libertarian and fisherman. I still read the cape books and am not an apologist about it. Wife now reads along with me, and in fact spends more monthly than I. Officer in the US Army, proud to be an MP. Love Alabama football - Roll Tide. Happy to discuss comics as I am politics, religion or meta-physics. That is, so long as my wife lets me.

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    I can’t say how many times I wander around the house just musing in audible grunts about how this book…

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    Grey56's Recent Comments
    January 4, 2012 5:43 pm Wonderful article, appreciate the candor and obvious emotional investment. Glad to see so many of the community sounding off in an intelligent and passionate manner as well. Makes me feel good to see that after so many years of our industry living in small alcoves that we have finally found venues whereupon to more openly share dialogue and passion for this past-time. And although of course these little grottos aren't new, they are new to me. A small thought in the dark though in relationship to the notion that the industry/sales are slumping by market perspective; what would the sales numbers look like from the late 70's/80's or even that of the mid 90's ? As I recall, Marvel itself filed for Chapter 11. This is not meant to be snarky rhetoric. My point is more to calm the waters by saying; this too shall pass. Change is a constant, sales numbers are not - however they can be cyclical. Support your local shop, but try not to worry too much.
    January 3, 2012 5:38 pm What would Rio think ?