Name: Gerard van der Waal

Bio: Geeky nerd or nerdy geek? Who knows? One thing is certain: spectacularly nerdy and geeky to the max. Tends to name things/pets/persons after characters from pop culture: One dog named after a Star Trek captain; one daughter called after a comic book character; three computers named after families from the Bold and the Beautiful. Oh... and I review every comic I read, over at


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    October 18, 2011 2:57 am Amen, brother. I have been in the same situation. And what's more is that the torrents have introduced me to titles I normally wouldn't have given a chance. This is exactly what happened with me and Fables, my LCS didn't have it on the racks, I did hear good things about it on the forums, but after I stumbled upon it through bittorent, I read the first three trades worth of issues, then got back and bought all of it. Really, torrenting has introduced me to a whole lot of non-superhero titles, now with the introduction of legal digital comics this argument is less valid. But I still think that scans are a good way too sample stuff you can buy later on.
    October 17, 2011 2:54 pm Great article once more. Very informative, however what I'm still not understanding out of the first three interviews is how and why they started. And how they feel about talking about their 'hobby', is this something you tell your co-workers or parents about?? Uhm... What's “MURK LOAR”???