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    ElOzymandias's Recent Comments
    September 2, 2018 1:53 pm Oh, and the reason Superman and his family seem to have history in the current DC world is because of Mr. Mxyzptlk created a timeline for them. Yup, comics.
    September 2, 2018 1:36 pm Hi iFanboy team, I hate to be that guy, but I can tell you how Lois got pregnant. So in the event "Convergence", from like three years ago, a Brianiacesq character named Telos began to take worlds from the multiverse. Whenever he took these worlds characters lost there powers. When Telos took over the original Superman's world Superman essentially became human for a like a year or so. In that time him and Lois conceived. Superman then regained his powers when Telos tried to force him to fight crazy Flashpoint Superman. Telos liked making dimensions fight. Long story short, Flashpoint Batman/ Thomas Wayne helped Lois give birth to Jon, and in all honesty it was heartwarming. Shortly thereafter the original Superman and his family found themselves in the current DC universe, because again, Telos. I strongly recommend everyone read the two issues in which this happened its a great story that won't leave a dry eye in the house. The issues are "Convergence Superman" #1 and #2. Written by Dan Jurgens and drawn by Lee weeks. Ironically they have barely anything to do with Telos. Okay hopefully this answered questions and wasn't too much.
    July 1, 2018 2:05 pm Thanks for the recipe guys! I'm having me some steak and donuts tonight!
    April 15, 2018 6:21 pm Great episode guys! Also, I see where your frustration with Damian is coming from. The thing is I don't know why they continue to promote his brash attitude, especially since he had an attitude adjustment in his series, "Robin: Son of Batman." In that series (from just two year ago) Patrick Gleason humbled the character out and gave him a story of redemption. By the end of the series (a few months before Rebirth) Damian was a much more endearing hero, but for some reason DC (and even Gleason who wrote and drew the first arc) went right back conveying him as a know at all jerk, and I don't know why!
    November 27, 2017 1:17 pm It's good to see DC is taking the initiative of promoting the book to this extent. I hope future books can get this treatment, I mean can you imagine a Southern Bastards commercial during The Walking Dead?!
    November 26, 2017 3:41 pm Wow! Conor's quantum leap power demands a screenplay, now!
    August 13, 2017 3:27 pm Hey guys, I'm from Los Angeles, CA. In regards to Mr. Miracle #1's successes I can report that after going to two comic shops, in two different parts of town, I noticed that the book was purchased by every other customer that came in the store. Surprisingly Mr. Miracle #1 appeares to have appealed to both middle aged and young twenty year old customers. I know its my personal account, but if my ease dropping is any indication, Mr. Miracle is off to a great start!
    July 16, 2017 4:14 pm In regards to a good non super hero story, set in a super hero world, "Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra #1", by David Mandel and Mechael Walsh is a terrific read. It's a funny one shot with lots of heart.