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    I’m glad to see that this book is finally getting on track. As a lifelong Who fan it would’ve pained…

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    Davetron3k's Recent Comments
    June 4, 2013 12:08 am I've read this article twice and I still don't know what Jim's point is. Sci-Fi and superheroes have been a part of the public consciousness for decades. I'm so sick of these "truer than thou" rants. Every subculture has them.
    November 16, 2011 6:46 pm The main thing I remember about Death's Head is that he showed up in the comic section of Doctor Who Magazine in the late 80's.
    October 3, 2011 5:39 pm This was the first issue of this that I picked up. I know I'm coming in on a story in progress but I found the issue to be extremely hard to follow. Mostly because of the art.
    August 11, 2011 5:29 pm Why not just change the title to Fantastic Fun.
    June 27, 2011 9:37 pm Hooray!!!!!
    March 3, 2011 10:41 pm That does it, I'm going back out to buy Ax Cop tomorrow.
    March 2, 2011 7:25 pm Sold out at my shop! Grrrr! Have to wait till next week.
    February 28, 2011 2:18 pm Not a super fan of the classic adaptations but I can't say no to new art by Janet Lee. Might wait for the hardcover though.
    February 25, 2011 2:20 pm I gtook this off the shelf, got as far as the register, saw the price and put it right back on the shelf. Solid book but it hasn't exactly been wowing me lately. 500 was a good enough jumping off point for a while.

    Bad enough Marvel isn't rolling back their prices but now they're hiking some books? Lame.