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July 23, 2013 1:41 am I'm really hope they go for John Hamm, last thing I want is a teenage looking Bruce Wayne. He should be old middle aged and grizzled, that would also be a good counter to Cavills Clark Kent since... well I'm by no means gay but damn that dude is beautiful lol.
June 14, 2013 3:40 am You know what, this was my 2nd time watching it and Ive kind if warmed up to "the moment" that everyone is going to talk about. Maybe its because of Supermans reaction afterwards that somehow sold it for me but somehow it just isnt eating at me like it did the first time. My biggest gripe with the film is all the collateral damage that Superman is kind of responsible in some of the action scenes. I mean buildings are torn down, cities are leveled by the end of the film. Compares to that, the big moment at the end is really nothing. Overall, I still loved it. And that dream sequence in the middle? One of the most visually awesome scenes ive ever seen on film.
June 11, 2013 1:24 pm SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS Just saw the film last night and it almost moved me to tears. Finally the modern age Superman has come to the big screen in a huge way, with a bigger emphasis on Clark than ever before to show him as a good natured man who will always do what it takes to help those who need saving. Russel Crowe rocked as Jor-el, Amy Adams made a terrific Lois Lane exactly how i always saw the character in my head despite the red hair, and Michael Shannon made a really memorable take on General Zod. While Costner as Pa Kent sounds perfect on paper i just didnt dig the films portrayal of the character, if you recall his "maybe" line then you know what im referring to. Just from reading a few reviews it looks like the biggest gripe is that its all centered on action and the 2nd half of the film is really non stop action, not that i was bored but i did feel like i needed a breather. However, there was a large part in the middle where is no action and instead builds the characters of Lois and Clark instead. I really felt for Clark, he was a man with a clear sadness inside him but was yearning to help others despite being warned not to by others. The christ allegories were inevitable, and they really hit home the immigrant allegory as Clark wanted to know his heritage but later decides that his adopted home(America) was far more important. And oh yes, Superman is definetely American and not shy about it in this film.
May 24, 2013 6:45 pm Yeah I'm not too crazy about the the animation having a very japanese anime look to it but at least it looks WAY better than the recent Superman animated films. God don;t even get me started on how terrible Superman Unbound looked. Either way, this looks cool, I thought the comic was a bit of a mess and the crossovers really hurt the pace as it was all over the place, but maybe distilling it down to the most important stuff in a 75 min feature might improve the overall story.
May 13, 2013 10:41 pm Awesome, i bought the firs three issues or so and dropped since it was really like an anthology book and i was mainly interested in the Beechen/Breyfogle storyline, but Im really glad they collected it. Cant wait to pick this up
May 10, 2013 11:27 pm Yeah, Morrison is very often referred to as a "love it or hate it" writer. Some of his works I adore, and some I think are just total crap, it's like he can come up with some really in-genius ideas but more often can't quite execute them properly on page. Personally, I have a theory that it largely depends on his collaborators, because when he works with his usual collaborators like Frank Quitely or Cameron Stewart, everything just clicks, maybe they just totally get his mind and scripts. But then you have other work like Final Crisis, or even his recent Action Comics that just got too messy, too much incoherency, with too many last minute explanations, deus ex machinas, and all that crap that the stories just sort of imploded. Also, hes terrible at dialogue. I hate to say that even in works that I love, the characters speak in no manner a normal human would.
May 7, 2013 3:51 pm Just watched this and thought it was merely okay. While I always enjoy Lois Lane, and even Supergirl had an interesting part in the film, i felt it paled in comparison to the source material as it was lacking all the most touching moments(Clark with Pa Kent) or even some humour(Supergirl and Cat Grant). Also, why does WB keeping going the skimmpy route with the Superman features? The Batman and Justice League always have really fluid and detailed animation styles but the Superman films always end up looking like cheap saturday morning cartoons. I couldnt quite get into Superman vs Elite because of that and it definetely distracted my viewing experience here as well.
May 6, 2013 3:30 pm Oh god youre son the money, i absolutely hate the questions some of the dweebs ask. I particularly hate the autobiography one too. Like "cool story bro but no one asked for your life story". The sad part is that the Q&A section of a panel is now the majority, rather than the 2nd half as it once was. Because of this i now attenx fewer panels at conventions, making time for only the ones i really want to see or maybe i'll duck out as soon as the Q&A begins.
April 29, 2013 4:53 pm I like pretty much all these casting choices except for Jonah Hill as Foggy. Personally I think Patton Oswalt was tailor made for this role. Cmon, think about it, you know it makes sense.
March 22, 2013 2:54 am Ive always had very mixed feelings about Morrison. Some of his work i absolutely love and some i absolutely loathe, All Star Superman however may be my favorite work of his and like many others was excited to see if he could really make Superman more exciting. Now that his run is finished I'd go as far as saying that he failed. Superman was probably better off before the reboot which isnt saying much. I wanted to like this run since Supes is my favorite character but there was just so much that went wrong. Stories being interrupted, killing off the kents, inconsistent art, Clarks dead identity beimg reverted through a wish? Or the mastermind behind the whole thing was an evil Mxy? The list goes on and on. Im just glad its over but i really want DC to get their shit together with Superman already/ Lobdells book has been god awful and Diggle has already left. Looks like we have to wait months before i can read a Superman book again.