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I read this first in spite of my excitement over the other great books coming out this week (Beasts of…

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I’m a sucker for animals. I adored all of The Pet Avengers and can’t wait for the on going series. …

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I loved the actual story.  The way that an all American guy like Cap has to deal with Old World…

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November 19, 2010 10:39 am Bone.  Everything about it is consistently beautiful, and complex but not complicated. Any kid could read it and become enthralled, as could any adult. I'd compare it too Avartar: The Last Air Bender in it's story telling and weaving a compelling magical story that balances drama and violence with wimsy and fun.
June 29, 2010 12:49 pm The hardest part for me about Manga is the lack of color. Especially in action sequences, I have trouble keeping characters seperate if I can't go by hair color or outfit.  On the other hand when I was in high school and devouring Wish and Fruits Basket and Chobits I didn't have too much trouble. Clearly I've been ruined by Western comics.
June 23, 2010 11:31 am   I think the subconscious nitpicking is a problem when you're a specialist confronted with your specialty in an entertainment setting. Like every time Bones bitches about psychology I'm grinding my teeth because the theories she's talking about are so old and irrelevant beyond a historical interest, and I end up being all crabby with the show until the next awesome science thing shows up.  Or when the Roman cavalry has stirrups.
June 4, 2010 3:03 pm I wasn't going to mention this because it actually crosses a geekline that I didn't know I could cross, but I have too. It'll bother me the entire day if I don't.  TARDIS is actually an acronym, for Time And Realitive Dimensions In Space, which the Doctor's granddaughter Susan came up with, and must therefore be written in all caps. Like the ASPCA. Just saying.
May 17, 2010 11:38 am

I agree with Tom that the Hardcover Omnibi are just too darn ungangly. If I can't shove it in a backpack or purse, or rest it comfortably on my lap I get annoyed. Single issues are super, the 2 page spreads are easy to absorb, the cost isn't so shocking and there's that brag worthy "how many boxes do you have?" factor. BUT like some shows that are just fun on a weekly basis (Big Bang Theory, Glee, Good Eats) there are some shows that I want to watch in their storyline entirety (like Fringe, Lost, Bleach), there are some comics I just want to sit and absorb in their full glorious state. If I had started Y from issue one I think I would have freaked out half way through from anticipation and frustration. Plus I always feel like issues are precious, breakable things. I can't take a whole herd of them with me to school to read before class. There'd be no room for my school books and I know something awful might get spilled on them. 

The TPB seem to give me the best bang for my buck. They're pretty affordable, portable and I feel like I can be a little harder on them- although when I had to replace 3 of my Fables books b/c the binding melted or something I almost cried- and I get one story arch. I can throw 3 Preacher volumes in my packback for a vacation and not loose too much room. For books like Hellboy and Constantine I can pick one volume up, read it, shelve it and then wait a while before picking up the other.  Heck, continuity is only kind of sort of important for those series so it's even more convient. I do hate that the glorious and fashionable 2 page spread is harmed in this format because the binding is so inflexible I can't combine the two pages into one huge picture. Conversely I just finished Mice Templar Vol 1 on hardcover that had like a four page centerfold that was both beautiful and epic, so it can be done.  Course for me this is a moot point since I have no money for comics and must rely on the kindness of the library system to feed my hunger for comics, for now. 

April 16, 2010 12:46 pm That was the most deliciously painful truth injection I have ever had. Thank you and damn you sir.
April 15, 2010 7:25 pm Sir you are brilliant. Science and comics combined.
February 15, 2010 9:38 pm I think I'll be calling Bruce Wayne Doctor Who-Wayne now. I just hope he has a TARDIS or something.
January 19, 2010 11:43 am

After the ensuing demon-summoning-followed-by-demon-repelling had gone about five rounds Jon waves what could have been a white "flag" from behind the charded pool table.

"Is that a Clash t-shirt?" Red asked from the safety of the bathroom stall (the wall seperating the bar from the disgusting toilet had been bulldozered by a fast moving Hellboy five minutes earlier. 

"It was." Jon said, looking at the original band merchandice. "Made the mistake of wearing it to another show in the 80s' and the pillock Johnny Rotten vomitted all over the back of it when I wasn't looking."

"Man I hated that guy!" Red was dabbing the Hellhound bite on his forehead. "Was he a demon or just a jerk?"

"Just a jerk. I thought maybe he was some kind of Punk Rock male-siren thing, 'cause that little twerp could rock! but nah, he was just your run of the mile talented, narcisistic arsehole. Oh shite," Jon had just realized that a piece of his hair was burning toward his ear.

"You okay, Limey?" Red came out from behind the Hellboy-shaped hole in the wall.
"Yeah, I"m okay demon. Just alittle hair fire to deal with, nothin' tha'll keep us from finishing this little tussle in a minute."

Hellboy, who wasn't entirely certain why they were "tusslin'" in the first place (there had been some words between mutual demon contacts, but honestly demons live to cause trouble), promptly went to the cardonated water hose (last attached hose in the whole bar) and doused the blonde Brit's head, putting out the quickly mulitplying flames. 

Jon now looked like a pissed off, half drowned cat.  "Thanks, demon. Nothin' worse smelling than hair on fire."

Hellboy smirked, then grimaced then laughed loud and long. In between the guffaws Jon could hear the words "flaming" "Brit" and "hilarious". "Yeah yeah," Jon growled getting up. "Yuck it up, ya jerk. Let's finish this thing." 

"Hellboy," the big red demon said, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. "But hey, man you can call me Red. This has been a great fight. Wanna go get some food?" 

Jon thought about it, while retrieving his smokes, which were completely dripping wet. "You got a smoke?" Hellboy-Red- gave his a huge cigar. "Cheers mate. Curry?" 

"I was thinkin' iHop, but curry'll work. I'll pay for the bar, if you pay for food?"


Red and Jon Constantine picked themselves up,  Red left a bag of rare Roman coins that might cover the magnificent damage they wrought on it.  Jon was smug about how much the big red demon was shelling out. Clearly he had no idea how much curry his new friend could eat. 

January 15, 2010 7:44 pm I hope they call it "the New NEW Mightiest Avengers (this time we promise no Osborn! Or Sentinel. Please buy this?)"