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July 22, 2011 4:51 pm @KenOchalek  You're right, I assumed Tony created vibranium also. But of course it already exists as Cap's shield chronologically. I assume now that Howard played around with the Cosmic Cube-enhanced crystal and managed to come up with  theory of an atomic structure for a similar type energy source, though he wasn't able to actually create it himself.

The arc reactor was the work of Howard and Anton Vanko, probably trying to duplicate the Red Skull's crystals using elements that already existed. Tony was able to miniaturize the arc reactor and use it to power his suit, including his repulser rays. Meaning that Asgardian technology is the sole reason  Iron Man exists in the movies!
July 22, 2011 2:26 pm The Original Human Torch was in the movie! There are two Human Torches in this movie!

As a tie-in to the other movies "Cap" did a great job of setting up to relationships: the cosmic cube ties into "Thor" and its magic-science. Howard Stark was used well through out the movie: you could elements of him in Tony, his company name was all over the gauges and other technology, and of course there is his Expo. (would have been cool to see a young "Thunderbolt" Ross to tie-in to "The Hulk").

July 20, 2011 5:35 pm Steriods may have been involved in his creation but I don't think they are why he looks the way he does now.

Basically the Super Soldier Formula/vita-rays by-passed his initial stunted form that was due to improper nutrition and being sickly. He becomes taller/bigger because the process unlocks the genetic potential that may have been expressed if he had been in better health . But more importantly, his body is re-made to work in optimum efficiency: he processes protein and air better, allowing him to be stronger and run faster for longer periods of time.

 His physique is the result of this efficiency.
June 3, 2011 4:54 pm Note: Since this movie takes place before the formal foundation of the X-Men or Xavier's school, none of the mutants shown were technically the fanboys bothered by the change in line-up can still get the X-Men they want.
June 3, 2011 4:51 pm I enjoyed the movie over-all, but it felt  like a Magneto movie with Xavier and the mutant kids stuffed in(yes, I do know this movie was an evolution of the abandoned Magneto movie.). I wasn't expecting any of the kids to be developed, but Xavier felt malnourished as a character, which is let down. We know why Magneto goes down the path he goes, but why is Xavier so optimistic? All that we really know about him is that he grew up in a privileged kid who somehow took care of Mystique.

Weirdly enough, we get more characterization out of Mystique and both are bothered by there powers (Hank less so than Raven, since they discussed how much she has to concentrate when in another form.) You see how Raven overcomes her self-loathing with help from Magneto, while Beast gives in to the temptation to be "normal, only to have his mutation magnified a hundred-fold. ( It was hard to feel sorry for pre-blue Hank, since he didnt even have big hands like in the comics; all he had to do was avoid going to the beach and no one would no about his mutation).

I get why people join Magneto, especially Mystique. I have no reason as to why anyone joined Xavier.

May 18, 2011 7:22 pm @ericmci  If anything, the choice of X-Men in first class proves that Matthew Vaugh is doing the movie he wants.IF this movie was as controlled by executives as you think it was, you would have the mutants that everyone knows: Wolverine, Storm, etc. and way more high-profile actors involved in this movie.
May 11, 2011 4:00 pm Most mutants are the results of humans with damaged DNA, with the result that the damaged gene is "corrected" into the x-gene. There are obvious examples of this with non-superhuman parents (Hank McCoy's father was exposed to nuclear radiation. He wasn't visibly changed but the damaged x-gene was passed on to his son.) and superhuman parents (both Reed and Sue Richards were exposed to cosmic energies that greatly changed their physicality including their genes. This genetic change was passed on to their son Franklin).

Either way, the x-gene is a mutated gene that is a result of mistranslation or damage that results in (mostly) positive attributes. But these people are still human,  and the x-gene is like any other positive or negative gene mutation that has happened over the course of human history such as the trait for sickle cell, which is common in sub-Saharan Africa and is a mutation of the normal red blood cell genes. Mutants are evolutionary any different than humans, which is made apparent by the fact that they can produce offspring with human, that in turn can produce offspring. Mutants can breed with other mutants and produce "human" offspring.

This kind of adds irony to both the causes of people like Apocalypse, Magneto, and Cameron Hodge: there is no real distinction between mutants and there campaigns are more about their own inner demons than any nature force at work.
May 1, 2011 6:41 pm @marshak75  Actually the ninth and final cirlce of Hell where Satan dwells in "The Inferno" is made of ice.
March 10, 2011 1:34 am Yeah, Nic Cage was in "Leaving Las Vegas". That movie alone makes him one of the greatest actors alive.
February 5, 2011 11:43 am This shot clearly shows the logic of his costume. It really is a combination of a traditional WW2 era gunbelt with shoulder padding, both kept in place with the red straps. Not for sure what the strap going across his torso is for, but I would guess that it is probably for his shield when not in use.

It looks era-appropriate but not off-the-shelf: after all Cap isnt a regular grunt and he needs to a look that is custom to his fuction.