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    BoyWonder1's Recent Comments
    January 8, 2013 5:28 pm "Maybe it’s because I’ve never been a die-hard Spider-Man fan, or maybe I’ve gotten to the point with my comic reading where I really like crazy ideas." - And THAT is why we are completely different and will never agree on this. I gave this whole storyline a chance but to me it's simply ridiculous and more suited for an issue of 'What If".I agree with Walterama, in that people seem to be grouping any of us comic fans that DON'T care for this change in with all the "crazies" or "newbs" that have reacted in blind anger or without research. The truth is i did give this whole storyline a chance and simply don't care for it at all. Some may think it brilliant and edgey. A welcome change. But to me it's unbelievable, out of character on many levels, distasteful and done for shock value. Killing off Peter Parker was a mistake in the first place and even IF he had to be killed the story used to do it simply didn't give him the exit he deserved. I'm not reading anymore of this comic because quite frankly i just don't like it. It's not the Spiderman that I grew up reading. If it were a stand alone comic of it's own in a different universe then maybe i could enjoy it more. But to think THIS is what my favorite comic has become just depresses me.
    January 7, 2013 1:38 pm Hey it's cool if you disagree. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. and thanks for the compliment on the Lex turning into Superman angle. I'd probably read it too if it were a "What If' scenario or maybe a story-arc done over a few issues. But Once again i'd think it would be a horrible thing if it was done as a stand alone comic.
    January 7, 2013 1:14 pm While i'm not excusing the stupidity of those fans who are dishing out death threats to Dan Slott and acting as if they are going to riot over the writing direction of a comic book, I can definitely understand why some readers are so upset because to put it bluntly I wasn't too thrilled with issue 700 myself. Yes Jim, i know that deaths in comics are rarely if ever permanent. Yes Jim, i know that most likely Peter Parker will somehow, someway make his return someday. But that doesn't excuse the fact that Slott wrote a horrible comic and that with every "death" and "necessary resurrection" done in comics for a quick cash grab the entire concept of death in comics becomes less and less credible and instead turns into one big joke. We true fans of Spiderman shouldn't have to wait through a year or more of crappy experimental writing to simply get back to where we were in the first place. Peter Parker is one of those characters that is more than just colored ink on a page. For most of us, we grew up with him. He's more a friend or family to us than just "some comic character" He's a piece of our childhoods and a little bit of what made us who we are today. And characters that are that iconic, even if they are killed off, DESERVE a better sendoff. One done with respect and care that leaves a sense of acceptance in fan's hearts. This was NOT a case of that. First of all the whole "Freaky Friday" Body Switch storyline has been done to death in comics. i mean seriously....THAT'S the best concept Slott could come up with to send off one of comic's most iconic superheros? Secondly, it's the WAY this all ended that I take offense with. Peter dies after "failing" to win his last battle. It wasn't as if he made a heroic sacrifice to save those he loved. He didn't even get as good a send-off as Ultimate peter Parker who at least fought the good fight to finally end the Green Goblin and protect his loved ones. No....he simply fails. And am i to be believe that suddenly a man as evil and cold as Doc Ock is suddenly going to just have an ephiany and decide to become a hero simply because of seeing another person's memories and feeling what they felt? Doc Ock is a classic Narcissist and raging Psychopath. I just can't buy the fact that he's going to go from trying to bang Mary Jane, Kill Peter and his loved ones and pretty much take innocent lives at will to being Spiderman and picking up where Peter left off. It just doesn't do the characters justice that countless writers have developed so deeply over the years. I mean....this all might make for one hell of an issue of What If, but as a permanent change I'm just not into it. It would be like The Joker becoming Batman. Lex Luther becoming Superman. it's just.....blasphemus to me. Again.....I know it's only temporary. But Why should we have to go through all this at all? Why not kill off Peter with a great story and give Spiderman a reboot that true fans can get behind instead of trying to be edgey and dark? I'm not going to protest outside of Marvel over this but I won't lie, it IS very dissapointing.