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    BoldCoffee's Recent Comments
    December 6, 2011 9:42 pm Looks like I might be picking it up again.
    January 18, 2011 11:34 pm Great day, now I can read this book again.
    November 30, 2010 8:11 am If nothing else this is a very consistant book.  The story is always boring or below average and the art is a train wreck.
    September 15, 2010 7:28 pm Please oh please let us never venture back into this story arc ever again.
    September 15, 2010 7:25 pm Zero interest in pulling this book for the foreseeable future.
    August 19, 2010 7:51 pm Excellent review, I agree with the sentiment entirely.
    August 13, 2010 10:54 pm Just as much of a train wreck as the last issue, there were a few better parts in this issue than the last but the bad parts in this issue were way worse than the bad ones in the previous.  It's so bad I can't drop it because I want to see what terrible terrible thing happens next.
    August 10, 2010 11:12 pm

    Since the article focused entirely on what DC characthers to fix and nothing Marvel needs to do here is what I would like to see Marvel address: (1) Avengers - lots of books I have to buy that are not interesting which is why I am dropping New Avengers, Avengers & Secret Avengers.  I am keeping Avengers Prime because it's really good due to it's FOCUS on a set number of characters.  (2) Daredevil - Also dropping this one I don't like what Diggle is doing here at all.  I am not on the Shadowland band wagon and what no part in whatever is coming because I do not enjoy it.

    Don't get me wrong I am a massive DC fan but I dislike JMS in almost every outting I run across him and I do NOT like what is happening with Superman.  But Supergirl is still excellent and Action Comics is fantastic so at least there are some decent books out there in the Superman line.

    August 10, 2010 8:21 am I think it would have been better if they would have just left this story alone and not tried to revisit OMD territory.  This issue was indeed better than the first but still not something I am enjoying at all.  And no I am not going to drop the book I have read every issue of ASM since 1999.
    August 4, 2010 4:26 pm Is he going for Daredevil's job or Batman's with that outline...?