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May 22, 2013 4:11 pm I remember when this first came out. DC was doing a lot of advertising for the DC Challenge and it sounded really fun. I bought the first few issues but was so confused that I stopped buying it (a 10-year old doesn't have a lot money so every purchase counts).
March 6, 2012 7:12 am I gave up on the investment value of comics a long time ago. I think I have about 10 long boxes and am now purchasing a mix of digital (Comixology) and physical comic books. One of the reasons that I continue to hang on to my collection is to pass it on to my kids as an inheritance. Not for the value, but rather for the memories of us driving in the car and talking about comics. Discussions of who would beat who and how to best use a super-heroes powers. Using comic books to teach my kids about values, etc. I thought my kids would not care about which son got which collection (Marvel, DC, etc.) until we started to talk about it and they got it into a big argument. I realized that these comics have memories for them and so I will continue to hang on to the comics, figure out how they will be distributed to the kids when I'm gone (and they're adults), and see what happens.