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    May 8, 2017 9:12 am I wish they weren't bringing the Watchmen into the DCU. I don't like the watchmen, I never cared for the original series. This would have been way more fun for me if this series would have been setting up an amalgamation with Wildstorm, Would have been a completely different story though. In my opinion DC really missed an opportunity for a huge event when incorporating Wildstorm into there universe.
    March 16, 2017 9:35 am Sorry for the shitty spelling a grammar earlier. The professor X stuff makes sense. How cool would it have been if X-24 would have been a brainwashed Sabertooth instead? Picture a big muscular dude that's 7 feet tall (Towering over Logan) wearing a long coat with fir around the back of his neck as (a throw back to his 90's costume). All grizzled and mean looking with fangs and claws. That would have been awesome. X-24 just seems lazy. A great opportunity was missed here. And that stupid adimantium bullet just doesn't work for me. I loved that movie but adimantium can't damage adimantium. It's INDESTRUCTIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!!
    March 15, 2017 11:26 am I loved the movie but there were a couple things that had to be overlooked for the story to move forward that you guys never talked about. 1. Adimantium is an indestructible metal, but using in destructible metal against it's self does not cancel it's indestructability out. That bullet should have bounced off of X-24's head and ricochet away, not blown his head up. (Also, anyone that things Wolverine has a couple hundred pounds of metal grafted to his bones is incorrect. If a metal is indestructible, it could be as thin as tinfoil and have the same properties as something 10x heavier... because it's indestructible. 3. The whole Weapon X thing was kind of played out. I was hioping for some new big bad mutant like a Super Shredder and was a pretty bummed when all we got was another wolverine. 2. If Professor X could round up horse's, why didn't he use his powers to get them a boat? Logan was also stealing vehicles the whole movie, why not steal a boat? I loved that movie but were my issues with it.