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Weekly Sketch Up – 11.11.2011

Eleven sketches on eleven eleven eleven!

Weekly Sketch Up – 10.21.2011

Post convention overload! This is an exemplary batch of sketches by any account.

Weekly Sketch Up – 10.07.2011

A thing of the swamp, some Buckys, and a Flashbacca.

Tom Fowler’s Kamandi Searches and Destroys

He’s the last boy on earth, and he’s mad.

Weekly Sketch Up – 09.17.2011

Some new takes on classic characters, a Fellowship, Arnold, & Noto does it again.

TEASER: Venom #7 – Spider-Island: It’s Lethal!

Things get lethal in the next installment of Venom from Remender and Fowler!


Fowler and Remender make pretty pages. See them here first.