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Remake & Reboot: THE SPECTRE Comic Series

Can DC find a way to resurrect the Ghostly Gaurdian and keep him alive?

Remake & Reboot: The BATTLECHASERS Comic Series

It was one of the best-selling independent comics of the late 90s, and we have a way it can come back.

Remake & Reboot: DC’s THE MANHATTAN GUARDIAN Comic Series

We’ve had super-hero guardians who’ve guarded the galaxy and the globe, but what about good ol’ New York City?

Remake & Reboot: The SHE-HULK Comic Series

What say we give the great green giantess another swing?

Remake & Reboot: The JENNY SPARKS Comic Series

Maybe it’s about time the New 52 got a new authority figure.

Remake & Reboot: The FLASHPOINT Comic Series

The effects of this event series was gone in a flash come DC’s New 52 — but who says we can’t book a return visit?

Remake & Reboot: DC’s NEW GODS Comic Series

Could the New 52 Be The Fifth World?

Remake & Reboot: Comic Series for DC’s WILDCAT

How the man with nine lives can make it in DC’s New 52.

Remake & Reboot: Marvel’s SHANG-CHI

How the Master of Kung-Fu can master an ongoing comic series.

Remake & Reboot: Dark Horse’s Super-Hero Line

In the early 90s, Dark Horse released a slew of super-hero titles featuring Ghost and a motley gang of heroes….