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Some people might be asking: ‘Why is Daniel Way, a very medicore writer, got a chance to do Deadpool?’ Well the answer your looking for is in this trade.

As the trade title states, yes this is a Wolverine arc with Deadpool as the main focus. Now Way has been on this series since #1 and unlike me, I have never read this series at all. So obviously I am confused at some of the stuff that is going on here. We have a slightly weaker Logan (why? Dont know), his son Daken is involved (who I could care less about), and overall I can definitely see why people dont like Way to beging with. His writing is a bit off at times, and his narration for Logan (or even Deadpool) at times doesnt seem to work. Plus when we get background characters talking it just slows the plot down considerably. I admit my review is a bit off base since I have no idea what is going on here. Obviously Way has been doing a huge plotline since issue #1, but since this trade has shown me it’s not all that good; I have no deserve to see what comes before or after this.

But what I can tell you that yes, this is obviously a beta test for Way writing Deadpool. (This arc ended in May 2008, and Deadpool #1 came out in August…see a connection?) Throwing Deadpool into the mix seemed a bit awkward but when Way focues on Wilson, you can see why he wanted to use him. This arc in general is nothing but Wade Wilson yucking it up to the reader; a lot of corny one-liners and slapstick humor. I admit it’s not the strongest material Way uses for Deadpool; but I did have a couple of laughs. Other signs of this being a beta test is the almost the exact difference in narration boxes for Wade’s fragile mind, and Pool-O-Vision makes it debut here.

What I was generally surprised that Steve Dillion, or all great artists, did this series. It seems a bit out of place for Dillion to do a Wolverine comic. But then again it probably isnt considering the violence Wolverine gets into is almost the same as Punisher. Still there are some good detail in his pencils but at times it feels like Dillion was just doing it for a check. His Deadpool with the costume is great, but without the mask it looks blah. Plus I wouldnt know any better but Logan certainly looks like a distant cousin to Frank Castle.

So shockingly I am not going to give this a raving review….even if it is Daniel Way and Deadpool in the same book. It’s just hit or miss threw out all of this. Plus I didnt even get into the¬†issues in here¬†after the Deadpool portions….Believe me it’s not worth mentioning. Daniel Way might not be the greatest writer ever but he has the knack of writing Deadpool. Thank God Marvel gave a chance for him to do Deadpool in the first place. Even if it is rough around the edges, you can still see Way had a lot of fun writing this.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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