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You don’t pick up a comic based on The Weekly World News and expect Shakespeare.  Not even Moe Shakespeare.  You’re also not going to get Joss Whedon, pre-crazy Frank Miller, Jonathan Hickman or Geoff Johns.  If you’re lucky you’re going to get post-crazy Chris Claremont.

The point is, you’re not picking this book up for a fantastic story.  You know going in that you’re not going to get it.  What this issue presents is a bit of Stan Lee narration without the inventive Stan Lee plots.  This issue is littered with more bad analogies than a….hmmm, maybe analogies are harder than I thought.

What I’m saying, ion the clunkiest manner possible, is that this comic is very very bad.  It is, in fact, exactly the correct level of bad for a comic version of The Weekly World News.  The plot centers around columnist Ed Anger, and features Weekly World News regulars like Bat Boy, PhDApe, and grayish alien things.  It was too ridiculous for me to read all the way through, much like the original magazine.

If you were one of those people who stood in line at the grocery store or pharmacy and flipped through the WWN to snicker at how utterly ridiculous it was, then I recommend going to your commic book store and doing the same thing.  The art is decent, the layout’s well thought out, and the articles in the back are, well WWN articles.

If you were one of the people that actually paid for the WWN, well, you’re beyond help, and you were going to buy this anyway.  Don’t let me or all the hipsters lollygagging at this issue with no intention of buying it stand in your way.  The truth is in these pages true believer, read it, and find your salvation.

If you never read the WWN because you thought it was stupid, you’re probably going to have the same opinion of this comic.  It will reach whatever expectation you have.

Though, I personally, was not a big fan of the comic, I can not deny that it is exactly what it should be.  And therefore am going to Four it, even though I had to cringe my way through most of it.  And I may or may not have turned my back to the window so that no one could see what I was reading.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I impulsively bought this as a novelty gift for a friend and I’m probably going to end up keeping it for myself.  I actually had a lot of fun with it and also foured it.  I agree about how terrible it is but it keeps with the WWN tradition, which I loved. 

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