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not terrible.

– i’ve read the first trade of top ten, and i enjoyed it plenty, and it motivated me to get this. which leads me to point one – if you haven’t read any top ten before, you probably won’t get this. there’s  big cast of characters, and i was feeling like i needed to run back to my trade to remember exactly who was who. if you’ve never met them before, i could see this being a bit daunting. also, it spoils some of what is in the second top ten trade. whoops!

– the art … it’s not bad. and i shouldn’t only look at it in comparison to the old top ten. but the thing is – this IS a top ten book, and the comparison is apt. gene ha has a more painted style here, which doesn’t quite seem to fit with the world here – i found myself wanting things a little bit sharper and more dynamic, rather than subtly painted.

– also – a hallmark of top ten is the ridiculous detail in the panels – the amount of crazy superhero residents who happen to be wandering around in the backgrounds of the action. this is dialed down quite a bit, much to my dismay. the book looks a lot more, um, boring.

– even though alan moore isn’t writing, i didn’t have too many problems with the book – it felt like the many-theaded storylines i had expected. though the final page, where the new character basically said, “i’m new guy and i act like this because of this,” seemed like it could have been handled more artfully.

a lot of complaining, but only because the earlier stuff was so strong. i’ll keep reading, and i imagine if you really like top ten, you might too. but if you’ve never read it before, skip this mini and get the older stuff instead.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Hmm, I’m a bit more enthusiastic about this that you are, and I consider myself a devoted fan of everything Top Ten.  This could actually pass as a Moore-written if the humor would have been just a tad sharper.  Moore built his rep on the dark stuff but his sense of humor is just as brilliant.  I addressed the new art style in my review.  No, it doesn’t dazzle you with brilliance like the art in the original did, but I don’t think it feels as congested as the original sometimes did and I’m seeing more subtlety in the emotions on the characters faces. 

  2. the art’s got to be 5, sorry mate

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