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When I first opened up this book I thought, “Casey looks older. Like full adult older” Unlike the past issues of the TMNT Micro-Series, this issue is more grounded. By that I mean there are no mutants, ninjas, or high-tech machinery. Not even a mention of any of those things. It’s just Casey and Raph beating on some hoodlums and loan sharks. I heard some people say that in the main TMNT book Casey isn’t as badass as the original comics. He’s not Punisher level badass in this book either, but he does seem tighter in this. The plot to this story is that Casey’s abusive father has racked up some debt to a loan shark. In hopes of paying that off he gives him an important piece of jewelry and that isn’t enough. Casey and Raph follows this guy and quickly dispatch of his thugs and gives a warning to him. Judging by how quick this issue reads I assume this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this loan shark. I feel this could’ve been better, if it didn’t go by so quickly. The art isn’t bad. I could see Mike Henderson drawing a dark story for the main turtles’ book. I thought it was funny that Casey’s dad looks a lot like Sandman with a different color shirt. One gripe, though is that of the two women we see in this story, Casey’s mother looks man-ish. Next month we’ll see what a standalone April issue like, maybe her and Casey can finally get the spotlight.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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