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    Story by Tom Waltz & Kevin Eastman
    Art by Dan Duncan
    Cover by Kevin Eastman & Dan Duncan

    Size: 0 pages
    Price: 3.99

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again – if you are not reading TMNT you are missing out on something really special. To say this is just a “fun” book is to really undercut what Eastman, Waltz, and Duncan are doing with this title. This is a book that exemplifies why the comics medium is so unique and enjoyable.

    TMNT, this issue especially, is a perfect example of people who really understand the craft of comics coming together on a book they obviously love. Duncan’s art is stellar; it is fluid when it needs to be and expresses that action that is so essential to telling a turtles story. And the writing on this book just gets better and better every issue. If you’re curious about how to properly pace a story, look no further than this issue.

    I cannot say enough about how great of a book this is. It is quintessential turtles, and more importantly, it is quintessential comic booking.

    Story: 5 - Excellent
    Art: 5 - Excellent


    1. Good review….almost bought this now I think I’ll check this out.

      • Gracias! I’d track down the first 7 issues or grab ’em once they get collected because that has been probably the most enjoyable thing about this whole series – the development of art and story telling over the last year. But yeah, definitely check it out.

    2. this comic is great, love the art also. definately something i look forward to reading

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