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Why did I pick this up? Seriously, I know I work at a bookstore but damn, did I really need to get this? Sometimes your just compelled to buy things and I advise people not to go to a comic book store who has a good amount of money in their pocket and is a noob at comics. At least look at the interior of the book instead of judging something by it’s cover. Big mistake, especially if you dont know the creators of something your picking up.

I dont know anything about Red Sonja and her history, I didnt realise Michael Oeming wrote comics and not just did art (mainly for Powers), and I dont know who the artist is. So obviously right off the back it’s a bad start with this book cause I’m so confused on some aspects before I open the page. But actually reading this title, it isnt bad, it just wont knock your socks off. Basically it’s like a Marvel Team Up book, but it’s just the title characters here. I like the villians used in here, maybe not the wizard, but I like the sorta medevil transformations of villains like Hobgoblin and Scorpion. But the writing is just off for me, it’s not terrible but it doesnt help I got bored by this thing halfway.

The art however is actually a nice saving grace of the book. Sure the story can get boring at good lengths, but the art is pretty good for the most part. It’s detailed and very smooth and colorful. Yes I know there is a lot of ‘cheesecake’ shots of Sonja (aka a lot of booty shown), and overall Sonja is a ridiculous character all together. But in the end I did enjoy the art overall and another positive of the story is that we get the original Marvel Team Up story of Spider-Man and Red Sonja….Although in hindsight this should’ve started the trade so I understood why this story was made in the first place.

So lesson learned, always look at a book closely before you buy it. Sometimes you can get lucky like I did and didnt get an overall terrible book….But dont expect to get a decent trade/story if you buy on first glance. But hey if you see this in the future at a bargin bin, give it a shot.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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