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I’m really sad that I’ve stopped enjoying (which means I’ve stopped reading) Amazing Spider-Man.  And I’m also annoyed at the whole concept of Web Of Spiderman.  It’s as though Amazing was an aging lead singer with vocal polyps, and Web Of Spiderman is the backup group, comprised of the children of the original backup group; they’re not as talented but they look and sound a little bit like their parents.

Spider-Man Secret War will fill the Spide shaped hole in my heart.  Unlike Spider-Man Clone Wars (seriously, Quesada, why the fuck would you even consider that a good idea?), this is a fun retelling of the Secret Wars story from Spider-Man’s persepective.  While based on the original series, there’s a whole different spin to it because the focus point is not All The Cool Heroes Of The Marvel Universe, it’s all the heroes from the p.o.v. of Peter Parker.  And that makes it really fun.  I’m excited to see how this series takes us to the black suit.

Thus far, the highlight of the series is the characterization of the Banner Hulk.  That was my favorite incarnation of Hulk (tied with Pak’s Planet Hulk Hulk), and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed him.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good

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