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I’ve been thinking about the concept of Skaar lately; as a character
and as a comic. Character-wise, some would argue that he shouldn’t even
exist. His means of surviving a series of events and explosions that
ultimately killed his mother can be easily labeled as convoluted, and
even condescending towards the readers and their intelligence. (Though
really, this is a book that doesn’t really require that much critical

As far as the book itself, it could easily be labeled as a cash-grabber
in the pot-boiling sense. People are desperate for a decent Hulk story
nowadays, and some already know to stay away from anything Loeb touches
that isn’t also associated with Batman and Tim Sale. I want to say I’m
not a defender of this (or any) book, but I will admit to trying to
persuade people to at least give this book a try. Yes it’s more
barbarian slaughtering than mean green smashing, but…well, at least it
has Silver Surfer in it!

Point is, this book is finally at a point where people can jump in and
enjoy Conan-homaging level of epicness without having to drudge through
a foot-shuffling plot and amateur pencils.

Finally, after six issues of tedious character “development” and
lackluster action, Skaar is finally burning on all cylinders, and
packing the mighty roar that any Hulk comic worth its gamma-radiated
salt should have. Pak’s writing feels like
he’s honestly excited about where Skaar and the Silver Savage are at
the moment, and Ron Lim has breathed all new life into the art of this
book. It’s a mad, mad, mad mad world where there is no clear hero or
villain, making it a perfect book to just sit back, relax the mind, and
gaze at the pretty explosions, dragons, and bug-people blood.

If you were a fan of Planet Hulk, or just want a little gamma radiation
and power cosmic to spice up your space barbarians, now is the best
time to start reading this.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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