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Art and cover by GEORGE PEREZ

Size: 144 pages
Price: 24.99

My Pick of the week. These old timers showed the new kids on the block how its done. I thought about making my pick Wonder Woman or Batman, but this was so satisfying, so much the page turner. I sat and read it in one sitting, I needed to see what would happen next. As much as I liked those other books, they were not page turners.

My history with the Titans began shortly before the NEW Teen Titans relaunch. I bought those late 70’s issues with Speedy, Aqualad, Batgirl(Bette Kane) and Joker’s Daughter. Then that book was cancelled, I started High school as Wolfman and Perez began the relaunch. It was the best thing out there, and to me better than X Men. And when Perez left the book to do Wonder Woman I lost interest. Those 5 or 6 years were solid. Ironically, this story seems to take place where I left off. Right with Donna Troy’s ugly ass costume and Danny Chase. Wow, 25 years and it felt as if it didn’t miss a beat. This even felt contemporary, none of those 80’s storytelling devices of thought balloons or excessive caption boxes explaining what you are seeing. It has a very sophisticated, complex narrative, many things happen simultaneously but very clear as well. This reads as a summer blockbuster.

There are story lines that are clear game changers. The death of a major supporting character, a favorite character of Darwyn Cooke turing out to be the villain, and a team member loses his hands after trying to stop a bomb to save lives. If this book came out 25 years ago when planned it would have caused a stir, and changed the Titans forever. But we have it now.

And it still is a great read. Man this is a great month to be a Titans fan what with the Omnibus and all. Note to Red Hood writer: pay attention to how Kory is portrayed here. Learn something.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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