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For the most part, Marvel has focused on the big guns of the Golden Age of comics. Using most of the Invaders they have now reached a point to show us a look at some of the more forgotten heroes of the Marvel Universe. Miss America certainly feels like a Captain America clone. But can an original story to celebrate her 70th anniversary get us to love the character again?

If anything, Van Meter is perfect to write an all female group. Only a couple of men are really used in this issue; which belongs to The Whizzer (worst name ever), Blue Diamond, and Agent 12. The story focuses on Miss America tracking down a group of Nazi spies and their plot of mind controlling the whole United States. It has a nice old school charm threw out the issue; where corny one-liners are said and the Nazi’s are the most evil bastards in all the land (they still are). But halfway threw this I have to admit I was getting a bit bored. Not to say Meter doesnt write a good Miss America, she does. But the plot starts to wear a bit thin and by the end it felt all the same. Seeing Nazi’s getting their butts wupped it nice. But considering we’ve seen it already for the previous 70th Anniversary’s, it’s nothing new.

The art by Andy MacDonald though will keep you interested. It’s a sketchy look but can also look very detailed at points. Like how the backgrounds look really stunning, but then the character’s faces will look pretty simple. Colorist Nick Filardi gives a hand by using some very nice muted colors threwout the issue. When your working at a shipyard, it is very dull and muddy most of the day. So a nice use of light blue and brown is used; add in a bright shade of color now and again…and it’s really nice on the eyes. Sometimes the characters look a bit off at points; or their expressions dont seem to match what they are saying. Overall the art is again good enough to keep you interested if the plot hasnt.

This isnt a bad comic by any means, but it’s no where near as great as the other previous anniversary’s have been. Maybe Miss America isnt ready for a come back, but she certainly is an interesting enough person to warrant this comic. I didnt even mention the extra material, which maybe explains why Miss America isnt remembered all that much. Two stories focus on ‘The Whizzer’ and the other is a quick little mystery comic. All of them are a blast to read and funny because some things are out of context. But where’s an old story on Miss America? Are they lost for the ages, or did Marvel not find something interesting enough for the readers? Maybe that explains the character as a whole for 70 years. But maybe you’ll find a bit more excitement out of the character then I did.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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