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Here’s the problem with this crossover……it has the JLA in it.

Now I know I am always a harsher critic then most on this site. But let’s be blunt here; JLA has been either medicore or piss poor for the last 2 years. There has been maybe one (a miracle if two) good issues I personally have like from the current series. So already half of the concept of this crossover is not looking good. But hey this is crossing over with Geoff Johns and his mighty awesomeness with JSA….so it can be readable at least right?

Well overall, this was a decent story. Maybe not much of a pick up, but it could be cause if your looking to collect all the JSA or JLA issues in trade then you’ll get both in here. Right away I could just tell Johns had most of the plot down. I mean I just dont see Meltzer getting the Legion involved with this…..this whole plot of the Legion trying to ‘save’ someone in the past just screams Johns. But some of the stuff that is JLA issues is not so bad. I mean Meltzer is a good writer on comics, Indentity Crisis is one of the best stories I’ve read in DC. Overall Meltzer’s parts felt really slow while when we get to Johns it’s just great to read. I will say this, if Meltzer could ever do a mini on Mr. Terrific then I would pick it up.

The art is also a mixed bag, mainly again coming from the JLA side. Eaglesham is a great artist and I have enjoyed almost every single issue he has done for JSA. It’s Bene’s pencils; which feels sketchy and somethings look not finished that made me groan at the art. Plus the coloring is just off putting somethings and if anything else; this book shows why you need to have a good colorist and inker.

So if you have to pick it up…..I mean if your the type of guy who collects JLA, or JSA, or both in trades and you need the issues…..then pick this up. But overall this is not a great trade to start off in either series and quite frankly; the JLA parts just hampered the entire arc. There are some extras in this trade, mainly extra JLA issues (there is a Zero issue in here and even if I hate those Zero issues….this one wasnt so bad) but other then that….it’s meh.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. But you liked Final Crisis so I don’t know if "always a harsher critic" qualifies.

  2. Well when it comes to everything else……or if the writer has his last name starting with B.

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