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The great thing about this issue is both the main story and the anthology are really good. What grabbed me about the first issue was the anthology story, which was crazy as hell and beautifully drawn. The main story, on the other hand didn’t really do that much for me. The second issue was just the opposite. Willingham’s short had a strong concept, but I found it kind of boring as a story. But this one is working on all levels. And not only that, but the stories work wonderfully together, being that they both focus on the idea of escape. The fact that this feels like more of solid product makes sense though, as this is the first issue where Sturges has all of the writing duties. And I was happy to see that he can really pull off a great four page story. It was helped by the wonderful Zachary Baldus art, but what made it for me was Sturges narrator, a vicious ganster killing his enemies with bugs bunny style tricks and just bit of ruthless violence. And the main story doesn’t waste any of the remaining pages, giving you great chracachter moments, more weird locations around the house, and a glimpse into the forces at work behind the house–not that you’ll really understand what is being shown, but it will give you plenty of that great WTF feeling that you’d want from as comic called House of Mystery.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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