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Crazy, fun time cosmic goodness. 

That’s really the only way to describe the newest book by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning.  I was a huge fan of the first issue as it was action packed while still having these great little character moments.  This issue keeps that pace up while continuing the story of the growth of this team of heroes.  As hinted in the last issue, the team discovers something truly outstanding that also, in the words of Starlord, “scares the bejeebies” out of the team.

What I love about these past couple issues is just how packed these are with both character development and action.  There is just so much for the eyes to take in, and it’s just been so damn fun reading it.  In this issue, we see a little bit more character growth, and as the characters are whisked off to another mission toward the end of the book, I found myself cursing the writers for not giving me more of that.  But then, they go ahead and throw some awesomeness my way that I know is going to end up in a giant cosmic fight. Awesome. 

Pelletier’s pencils are outstanding, which is pretty much the norm for a lot of his cosmic work.  Everything is big and epic, but then there’s also these small details thrown in here and there to make the world seem alive and vibrant.  When I look at his pencils, I feel like I’m watching all of this stuff as it’s happening.  And I love that each of this characters is distinct and unqiue while not looking completely unrealistic.

As Josh noted in his mini earlier this week, this is just a damn fun cosmic series, and I really encourage everyone to pick it up.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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