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On a surface level there are a few classic tropes layered into the story. Archie the funny cute alien, a secret shadow government agency and a loner/loser becoming a hero we have all bear witness to some form of these items in film, TV or comics. Chris Ryall takes all these tropes and really twists them, I mean really twists them. Ryall mines many pop culture science fiction films like E.T. the Blob, and the Day the Earth Stood Still and on top of all of this every whacked out conspiracy theory or item associated with Ufology is weaved in. Think the classic 80’s film “Flight of the Navigator” with lots of cigarettes and the possible death of all ocean life on earth.

It is a fast, funny and strange ride. Templesmith’s art is perfect. Everything looks off kilter and bizzaro. It is amazing what he can do with a few colors.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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