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I am not a die hard Brian K Vaughn fan. Truth be told I jumped onto Ex Machina because I loved Starman artist Tony Harris.
I am also not a die hard Scalped fan. Truth be told I have never read an issue of this tome. Its Vertigo, and not usually my cup of tea. But this issue of Ex Machina (why is this still a wildstorm comic) is my pick of the week bcause of John Paul Leon, apparently an scalped artist. He has won me over and if anyone in the iFanbase can tell me which stories he did I would read them now. This is the the almost Harris response I got from this artist.
This issue not only made me want to finally read Y the last man but also made me want to read Scalped.
In an extra sized issue Vaughn made me excited and anxious for the last year of Ex Machina (which have the vaunted accolade of the first series I read from start to finish since Starman).
Leon is an artist I want to see more off, and make me wish there was an internet movie databae of comic creators so that we could see what artists an writers have done (maybe I should be keeping this idea quiet).
If this series is Vaughns swan song from the comics relm. I will savour it, then read his previous entries in this media.
Also like all my reviews i one under the influence of alcohol, and in this case with anyhing Harris related I recommend a Bobo Benetti anchovi stuffed martini (long time Starman fans may bet the reference).

Also (nitpick) if this gets on the show- its g’nort of g’newt or Sam from Canberra. Thanks mate.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. There kind of is an IMDB for comic creators – comicbookdb.com

    Here’s a list of what John Paul Leon has worked on:


  2. I was shocked how well this art worked for this book.  Not that I expected Leon to be bad, but Harris’s style is so unique I expected it to take some adjustment.  But this was great.  The art didn’t look like Harris’s, but Hundred still looked like Hundred, I was able to recognize everybody else (sidenote: Leo draws a hot Bradbury.  Anyway.)  And the style just fit the book.  I enjoyed the story very much, too.

  3. I should mention, though, Leon is not the regular artist on Scalped.  You should still check it out, though; great book.

  4. Agreed, all the artists they have gotten to fill in for Harris have done solid work that fit well with the established style. My POW!

  5. JPL’s best work IMO has been Earth X and Wintermen (emphasis on Wintermen).

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