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Reliable can be the kiss of death when it comes to any form of media, as it often leads to predictable.  People who want reliable television watch Law And Order, Two And A Half Men, and reruns of Matlock.  People who want reliable books read romance novels, and the works of Deam Koontz.  And, when it comes to reliable comics, you can be sure that Chris Claremont will put his overly narrated, familiar characters in familiar situations out right on schedule.  But when I say Detective comics is reliable, I mean it in a good way.

This series has been the antithesis to Morrison’s run on Batman (which was extremely hindered by DC’s inability to release issues on-time, and in order, during the big crossovers….extremely odd, given how they’ve been consistenty getting weekly titles out on time for three years now).  While there is an overarcing story, Dini’s issues were complete in, and of themselves.  You could pick up any issue, and not feel lost.  O’Neill’s first issue feels much the same way.  This issue was narrowly focused, filled with developed characters that are extremely interesting if you’ve been reading the title for decades, but just as interesting if this is the first issue you’ve ever picked up.

Story: 4 - Very Good
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  1. I really like your definition of "reliable". This is good comics, not flashy but well crafted. I thought this was an understated story and unfortunately, that may not be the type of story some of the fans are looking for at this time.

    Also, it is true that Denny rises to the challenge of balancing interest. Like you say, there’s something here for veteran fans and newcomers alike. This was my first issue of Detective Comics and if you’ve read my review, you know I loved it.

    Also, I found there was a calm reverence for the Batman mythos in the tone of this issue and I think that will make itself more evident in part 2 of the story. I have my theories as to how where this is going and I’m very excited about it.

    There’s more to this review than meets the eye. Just like the issue it’s reviewing.

    Good job akamuu!

  2. Reliable is a good word for this issue, I wasn’t in love with it, because it felt very familiar … but, when I think about it, that’s not completely a bad thing, and least it all made sense to me (unlike some other recent stories).

  3. i, too, like the word "reliable".  because it was familiar was one of the many reasons that I really liked it.  i brought me back to that point where i really enjoy the world these characters inhabit.  great review – and great responses above!

  4. Well Detective Comics has been around for 850+ months now.  That’s pretty reliable in it’s own sense.

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