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Bendis does two things really well. First, he handles large numbers of characters in a way that allows you a little insight into each of them. Sometimes this is touching, and sometimes it’s funny. Perhaps the only creator who does this as well is Geoff Johns (honorable mention to Kurt Busiek and crazy Bill Willingham). Second, Bendis creates long, sweeping plot changes that actually matter. He appears to have honed this ability in Powers, and everybody seems to like the moves that he makes. Sometimes, however, Bendis’s changes to the status quo of the mainstream Marvel universe riles his audience.

Dark Avengers is Bendis at his best. Here, Norman Osborn creates a perverted version of the Avengers – something that conforms to his twisted, but logical, world-view. I refuse to spoil this book – even casual comics readers should learn how some of Marvel’s great heroes become part of Osborn’s Dark Avengers team (for those of you who read this issue, just stifle for a second). Osborn is characterized cleverly, and the heroes interact in character.

Not much to say about the art. It works, but it seems to me a bit like Steve Epting-lite, with a soupcon of someone a little more stylized. I look forward to a real action sequence to make my final judgment.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good

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