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I wonder if it was intentional that this issue, released 3 days before Valentines day, is infused with such strong symbolism of blood, sex, magic and the moon? #10 of Captain Britain and MI13 is the prologue of a new Vampire-centric arc for the book. And that makes sense, what with Spitfire and Blade on the team, and Marvel’s Britain having such a history with vampires. And as a prologue it does the job, spot on. Cornell uses this issue to produce some truly satisfying character interaction, with couples paired off a (Some more likely than others) inter-cut with glimpses of blood and the Prince of darkness’ plans coming into motion. each scene has a clear subtext woven brilliantly between very natural (and often quite amusing) dialogue and Leonard Kirk’s wonderfully expressive character art – a real selling point for this series.

Despite not being as action orientated as some recent issues there actually is quite a lot of plot being fed unobtrusively in through this issue, and Cornell really seems to be selling Dracula as not merely a camp looking guy in a cloak but a cold, calculated and actually quite nasty enemy. I hope that follows into the rest of the arc.

I give it a 5 for the writing and a 4 for the art – but only because once again a little overzealous colouring washes out Kirk’s pencils in a couple of places (I really wish Marvel would put a stop to this). But otherwise a pretty note perfect starting issue for the arc.

You really should believe the hype.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Good review.  I missed some of that symbolism, so i’ll have to go back and reread the issue.  This book was almost my pick, and this is only the second issue i’ve bought.  I liked the character moments as the heroes were winding down from the previous battle all while the new story was ramping up through the Dracula story, and then both threads meeting perfectly in the end.  This was a really well done transition issue, which I think a lot of writers wouldn’t have been able to pull off so nicely.

  2. Apologies for the spoiler tag. Meant to uncheck it, before posting. I decided to take out the direct reference which would have made it spoilerific.

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